Petrol brushcutter, tips

Petrol brushcutter, tips

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Petrol brush cutter: comparison with battery-powered brushcutter o electric brush cutter. Tips for choosing the best model, prices and opinions.

Thepetrol brush cutterit offers maximum power, professionalism of use and freedom of movement. The brushcutter with petrol engine is the ideal solution for those who do not like compromises even if, on the other hand, it needs more maintenance.

Battery or petrol brushcutter

Among the indisputable advantages of a battery brush cutter there is the economy of operation (electric charging costs less than a full tank of petrol or mixture) and almost zero emissions. A battery-powered brushcutter pollutes much less than a petrol-powered brushcutter. In addition, it does not require particular maintenance. For all the features, comparisons, prices and models, please refer to the dedicated page: Battery-powered brushcutter.

Electric or petrol brush cutter

It does not have starting problems (it starts up very easily), it does not need any particular maintenance works; it is quieter and also lighter. The prices are more affordable and the models are extremely light. For the features, the most famous models, prices and comparisons, please refer to the dedicated page:electric brush cutter.

Petrol brushcutter, maintenance

With a petrol engine brush cutter petrol powered, as well as one powered withblend, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the fuel cock, the engine oil, the air filter and the spark plug. For all the complete stages of maintenance, we invite you to read the articleBrushcutter maintenance.

Petrol brush cutter

Apetrol brush cutternot only does it allow you to mow the lawn but, if properly sized, it also allows you to clean up an uncultivated land. It is quick and practical to use.

It is useful to finish cutting the grass where the lawnmower cannot reach (in corners, near tree trunks, near walls or hedges ...) and offers the massia freedom of movement combined with an extended autonomy that only a appliance with internal combustion engine can give you.

If the power of the engine chosen allows it, it is possible to tackle even the heaviest jobs and to equip the machine with blades and knives suitable for deforestation to clean up a very neglected land.

On the market there are professional models but also entry level models that offer good furnishings: in addition to accommodating the line head, it is possible to equip the brush cutter with blades and knives.

Other factors to look at are the handle, the possibility of holding the device on the shoulder with a simple or double shoulder strap and above all the possibility of adjusting the handle so as to better adapt it to the height of the gardener carrying out the work.

The latest models ofpetrol brush cuttersallow you to start the machine more simply even if, with wear, starting may require several attempts (a problem that does not arise with electric or battery-powered models). Starting with low emissions is preferable both if you want to pollute less, and if you want to make it easier for you to start the machine.

Petrol or mixture brushcutter

The dilemma between2 or 4 stroke engineis very old when the market for these devices. If the mixture is well done you will not have problems of smokiness, nor of taking on extraordinary maintenance. According to the power, it all depends on the specifications of the engine chosen.

How to choose a petrol brush cutter

Before choosing a petrol brush cutter, consider these factors:

  • Motor power chosen in relation to the type of use
    uncultivated land or just lawn?
  • Engine type
    two or four strokes, petrol or mixture. Choose in relation to the use and power you need.
  • Head
    flush, blade, knife ...
  • Handle
    adjustable, ergonomic ...
  • Cutting width
    look at the print head
  • Head with automatic line exit

Petrol brushcutters, prices and models

On Amazon they are found 2 or 4 stroke brushcuttersat very competitive prices and with free shipping costs. For all information and prices of petrol models, please refer to the official page dedicated to prices and models: brushcutters with petrol engines, prices and models.

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