Peterbald cat

Peterbald cat

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Peterbald cat, a breed of Russian origin known as "Naked Siamese”Precisely because it has sparse fur or nothing. It is such a particular blunt animal, from the mating between Siamese, obviously, and specimens of some Russian naked cats such as the Don Sphynx. He has a lively and restless character, and is almost never silent.

Peterbald cat: characteristics

The first feature of the Peterbald cat it is the fur, or rather, its absence. Some specimens are naked, others covered with a thin and fragile hair, there is no unauthorized color and that of the eyes changes from blue to green as the skin / coat color changes. There are also Peterbald "brush" cats, with a thicker hair on the body, but they are farmed and not allowed to exhibitions.

Apart from the fur, the Peterbald cat looks like Siamese with a few touches of Sphynx: it has a head longer than wide, in an isosceles triangle and tapering towards the nose. The ears come out low but very large and pointed, the eyes are almond-shaped and on average large, oblique, green or blue. Passing through the neck, long and slender, we arrive at the muscular but slender and elegant body, up to the thin and long tail. The feet are small and oval.

Peterbald cat: character

Particularly sociable with other cats, the Peterbald it is not an animal for those who want a feline companion on the sofa, who lounges in silence, stretching from time to time. Meows and makes itself felt, he wants to play and jump here and there.

He does not at all resemble the Russian ancestor in character but took everything from the Siamese: is affectionate and playful, smart and athletic. He will spend his days exploring the house and then come and ask you by lurking on your shoulders, to make you feel meowing loudly who loves you very much.

Peterbald cat: breeding

When in Russia, after 1987, the selection of the Russian naked cat began, called Don Sphynx, enthusiasts began to imagine the possibility of creating that breed that today we call the Peterbald Cat by mixing the Don Sphynx with the Siamese.

Peterbald's first litter dates back only to 1994, we owe everything to Russian felinology Olga Mironova, who with Tatyana Komarova and her cat Afinogen Mif, gave birth to the breed starting from four founding kittens: Mandarino Murino, Muscat Murino, Nezhenka Murino and Noctyrne Murino.

Today in Italy the Peterbald cat it is not very widespread and there are not many farms, the best known are three, all amateur. The The Dark is recognized by ANFI and Fife, there are also the Peterbal cats cattery and it Xena Peterbald Cattery.

Peterbald cat: photo

After so much talk about this cat from curious aspect associated with a no less particular character, let's look at it better since it will be difficult to see it around if not in the exhibitions.

Peterbald cat: price

To know the price of a copy of Peterbald cat it is better to contact the farms that keep specimens also to know the real availability of the moment. It is certainly a rather expensive cat, being rare in Italy and in general in the world compared to other more common breeds. Seen the very lively character, better to verify that there is compatibility between us, our family and the Peterbald Cat we want to host.

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