Outdoor kitchens, prices and models

Outdoor kitchens, prices and models

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Outdoor kitchens: the most resistant materials, compact solutions for every need. All useful information for buying a kitchen for the garden.

Aoutdoor kitchenit must be installed in a properly sheltered area of ​​the garden. There outdoor kitchen it can also be installed under a gazebo to organize a place for cooking food without having to travel long distances. Near the outdoor kitchen, it would be advisable to set up a table with chairs, stools, benches and, for the most demanding, a second work surface to support and prepare food.

Not just for special occasions, theoutdoor kitchenit is very convenient for cooking foods such as fish, frying, grilling or other strong smelling dishes. Among other advantages, we recall that oneoutdoor kitchensaves the house from smells, from kitchen vapors and also from the heat given off by the stove: a practical solution for not tiring the air conditioner during hot summer days.

Outdoor kitchens, prices and models

The market offers a large number of outdoor kitchens, from countertop hobs (compact and easy to transport) to real kitchens, equipped with hobs, hobs, oven and cold room! In this paragraph we will provide you with the names and prices of the most diverse models.

Outdoor kitchen Minikitchen Outdoorofboffi

It is a very compact outdoor kitchen with a small worktop. It is complete with electric cooking, cold room, two external drawers and an internal drawer to be used as a cutlery tray. The structure is in marine plywood covered in Lasermat which can be chosen in black or white. The dimensions, as stated, are compact: 109 cm long, 65 cm wide by 97.2 cm high. Prices can be requested on the bossi cucine portal.

Artusi Outdoor Kitchen freestanding outdoor kitchen by arclinea

Those looking for a steel outdoor kitchen can find what they are looking for in the Arclinea line. The Artusi Outdoor Kitchen freestanding kitchen features surfaces covered in stainless steel. It is equipped with an integrated barbecue top and thermal container with internal drawers to keep food and drinks at temperature. It needs a water connection for its small integrated washbasin (in steel). The dimensions are less compact: it has a length of 304 cm by a width of 70 cm. Also in this case, for prices, we recommend that you contact the product through the official Arclinea portal.

De Longhi BG500C ultra-compact outdoor kitchen

Those with a much more limited budget to invest can aim for more compact and economical solutions. De Longhi offers a die-cast aluminum hob with electric barbecue and grill. The hob is divided into 2/3 for the grill (excellent for cooking meat and fish) and 1/3 for the smooth plate, more suitable for eggs and vegetables. This ultra-compact hob is electric, has a power of 2,000 watts and costs 130 euros.

On Amazon, the product just described is offered at the promotional price of 109.99 euros and with free shipping costs. The aluminum top has a ceramic coating to ensure high thermal conductivity and uniform cooking. For all information, please refer to the official product page: De Longhi BG500C Electric barbecue.The 2 in 1 barbecue hob (plate + grill) is visible in the photo above.

Classic solutions: charcoal or wood cooking
On the market there are many outdoor kitchens that offer a worktop, a shelf for storing food in the heat and various external drawers to house the dishes. Among the various products we point out the barbecue kitchen for outdoor use (without hood) Menton. it has a 76 cm wide grill designed to cook food for 12 people. The product is proposed by Leroy Merlin and costs 199 euros. The kitchen is visible in the photo above.

When buying an outdoor kitchen, make sure you buy a product that is resistant to atmospheric agents or compact enough to be stored away easily.

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