Grow vegetables in the garden or in pots

Grow vegetables in the garden or in pots

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Grow vegetables in the garden or in pots: tips for obtaining large and well-sized vegetables. From soil preparation to recommended fertilizations.

Forgrowing vegetables in the garden or greenhouse, the first thing to do is prepare the ground. Vegetables such as tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelons, melons, eggplants and peppers are consideredrenewal vegetables, ie crops that open a rotation and therefore, before planting, a deep working of the soil will be necessary. This problem does not arise for those who wantgrow vegetables in pots, in this context it will be enough for you to choose a container of suitable dimensions to be filled with a specific soil or with suitably modified universal soil.

Preparation of the land for growing vegetables

The tillage performed by digging (deep spade, double spade…) Allows to obtain uniform and constant productions over time, especially when it is carried out by burying well-mature manure, manure or organic compost.

The continuous wetting carried out with irrigation pushes the nutrients contained in the soil deeply, with deep digging the soil already explored by the roots is brought back to the surface and brought to the level of the new roots, the soil richer in micronutrients. With the preparation of the soil you will have to:

  • ventilate the surface layer.
  • Eliminate the remains of vegetation from previous crops.
  • Eliminate clods and stones.
  • Bury mature compost, manure or manure.
  • If necessary, bury soil amendments or sand to make the soil more draining.

Ingrowing vegetables in the gardenremember to follow therotations. The rotation of the crop prevents phenomena that would penalize the cultivated vegetables, such as:

  • Selective absorption of one or more elements which become limited for the subsequent cultivation of the same species.
  • Release of substances in the soil that hinder the development of the roots of the subsequent cultivation of the same species.
  • Increased risk of contracting specific diseases and parasites for that vegetable.

Fertilization for growing vegetables in the garden

To open the cycle of cultivation of vegetables, a good supply of organic matter requires the use of 5 kg of mature manure for every square meter of cultivated garden. As an alternative to manure, organic fertilizers can be used such as:

  • compost
  • peat
  • manure in pellets / manure

In addition, it would be advisable to add microelements that ensure that the specific nutritional requirements of the vegetables to be grown are met. For example, if you want to grow onions in the garden and get large sizes, you should proceed with three fertilizations.

For onions, during the preparation of the soil, a potassium and phosphorus-based fertilizer should be buried while nitrogen fertilization should be administered immediately after planting, halfway through the development of the onion plant and during the growth of the bulbs.

Grow vegetables in pots

Not all vegetables can be grown in pots. The ideal would be to have a small plot of land to organize their crops, however, those who do not have a garden and do not want to give up their crops, can take advantage of spaces such as a terrace and balcony to set up their own vegetable garden. For the cultivation ofpotted vegetablesyou just need to respect a few simple rules, such as:

  • - choose the right exposure in accordance with the needs of the plant
  • - choose the appropriate soil for growing in pots
  • - prepare a draining layer on the bottom of the pot
  • - carry out deep digging works in case of open field cultivation
  • - granting the right spaces to the plants (not crowded pots or flower beds, a good ventilation counteracts the onset of fungal diseases and molds)
  • - choose vases and containers of adequate size.

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