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Paint the guide with a brush

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Paint with a brush: the instructions for whitewashing the house with a flat brush and why it should be preferred to painting with a roller.

When we decide topainting housethe first doubt that arises is"Is it better to paint with a roller or a brush?" Answering this question is not very simple because therollerIt is not soeasyto use as many imagine! Of course, for those with good dexterity and must paint very large spaces, the roller could be ideal but for those with little experience it leaves a lot of margin for error. The brush it is easier to manage than theroller, allows you to distribute the paint more evenly and reduces the risk of smudging.

Other doubts may arise between the choice of size: the so-calledflat brush it is very useful if we are dealing with a large wall while for precision work (corners, narrow spaces, columns ...) it would be advisable to use smaller brushes.

Inpainting house, the ideal would be to use a flat brush (large brush) for larger walls and smaller brushes for spaces that require precision. As for the bristles, they must be soft and of high quality: synthetic bristles are recommended for water-based paints, while natural bristle brushes are recommended for solvent-based enamels. In summary:

  • acrylic water paint brushes: synthetic bristles
  • solvent-based enamel paint brushes: natural bristles

Many instructions on how to paint andpainting housewe have seen them in our guide articles dedicated to:

  • how to paint a wall
  • How to paint the bedroom
  • How to paint the ceiling
  • How to paint the kitchen

How to paint with a brush

Thebrushit allows you to spread the paint evenly, without smudging and ensuring an excellent degree of precision even for the less experienced.

To paint well with the brush there are some tips you can follow. With the brush, you can also make impressive decorations (everyone can decorate the house with the brush, even beginners). You just need a brush and the right paint to obtain decorative effects such as sponged, spatula or glazing. If you want to decorate the walls and not be satisfied with the classic solid color, you will need to choose ad hoc glazes.

For paint with a brush remember to:

Dip only the tip of the brush into the paint

If you completely immerse thebrush(or the brush), in the paint, you absorb too much paint and the application will become too demanding: it will be more difficult to obtain a uniform color spread! The ideal would be to dip the brush about 1/4 while for beginners even 1/5.

Do not "unload" the brush

This is a very common mistake: when you seem to have absorbed too much paint with the brush, go and dump it on the edges of the jar todrip awaythe superfluous paint. When you go to unload the brush in this way, air is trapped between its bristles which results in annoying bubbles. The bubbles are visible even once the paint has dried and compromise the finish and the brightness of the chosen color.

If your brush has collected too much paint because you have dipped it excessively, let the superfluous paint drain naturally, without applying any pressure.

Paint in one way only

To paint with a roller effectively, it is advisable to pass first horizontally and then vertically. Forpaint with a brushthe subject changes: the brushstroke must always be given in a single direction so at the beginning of the work you choose! You can paint horizontally or vertically depending on the object to be painted.

If you have bought aprofessional brushof good quality (therefore with soft, compact and well fixed bristles), to preserve it, it is convenient to use water-based paint or acrylic. If you use a solvent-based nail polish, the brush may then no longer be reusable. For all information on choosing the best paint to brush home, please refer to the pagedifferences between water-based and solvent-based enamel.

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