How to paint the kitchen

How to paint the kitchen

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How to paint the kitchen: the correct technique for painting by roller or brush. Ideas for colors to choose and useful tips.

Lots of instructions on how to paint andpainting housewe have already seen them in our guide articles dedicated to:

  • how to paint a wall
  • How to paint the bedroom
  • How to paint the ceiling

In the guides onhow to paint a wallishow to paint the ceilingwe clarified the importance of protecting all objects in the room. We have given you tips on using the roller to paint environments faster. On this page we will focus on the correct use of the brush for painting house.

How to paint the house

Painting with a brush is not the only choice you have. You can decide to paint with a roller if you are dealing with large surfaces (very large walls and large spaces) or if you need to finish as soon as possible. The choice does not fall only between roller or brush, some paints (indicated on the purchase package) can be used with the spray gun, useful if you need to paint the kitchen top and appliances commonly found in the kitchen such as the fridge. Spray paint comes in handy for repainting radiators.

Painting with a brush or roller?

Paint with a brushis the wisest choice, especially for beginners. Because we advise you topaint the kitchen with a brushand not with the roller?

Although in appearance the use of the brush may seem longer and more demanding, it is easier and leaves less room for errors than roller painting. With thebrushyou will succeed inpaint the wallskitchen in a more uniform way: the paint should be dosed better even if it all depends on the brush you choose.

What brush to use to paint the kitchen?

Forpainting the kitchen or more generally forpainting house, you must choose a brush with soft and compact bristles otherwise you risk damaging the surface and obtaining a less than mediocre job despite your efforts.

Brush sizes vary according to your needs - large walls need a large brush but a small brush may be more useful in the corners. Our advice is to use three brushes of different sizes according to the degree of precision required and to your "hand". A small brush could be useful near corners or to reach more difficult points if you have decided to paint the kitchen without removing the hob and part of the furniture.

Better a brush with synthetic or natural bristles?

There is no better or worse: the choice is made based on the paint you use. If you use a water-based paint you will have to choose a brush with synthetic bristles, if you choose a solvent-based enamel you will have to use a brush with natural bristles.

Better a water-based paint or solvent-based enamel?

To paint the kitchen as well as all the internal rooms of the house, a water paint is better. Solvent-based paints have a negative impact on human health and the environment: these glazes release volatile organic compounds (the so-called VOCs) in the amount of 400 grams per liter while water-based paint releases "only" 100 grams for each liter used. To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of these two paints, we invite you to read the page:Water-based or solvent-based enamel.

Ideas for painting the kitchen

The color to choose to paint the kitchen depends only on your personal tastes and the chosen furniture. The classic white illuminates the kitchen but you can choose to assign one wall to a contrasting color. Blue inspires feelings of peace and freshness, interior designers find it an ideal color for "high traffic" areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Yellow is also a very good choice for paint the kitchen: it is associated with creativity, creation and positive thoughts. It has an effectcalmingwhen combined with neutral colors and in environments with lots of natural light to create an atmosphere capable of instilling tranquility. Remember to respect the needs of this environment, so avoid colors that are too strong or that penalize the diffusion of light: yes for cream, pastel colors or neutral colors.

If you are going topainting the kitchen, take advantage of this moment to create a false ceiling and incorporate LED spotlights for plays of light or other functional tools in the home such as air conditioning vents or home automation systems.

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