Painting the refrigerator

Painting the refrigerator

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How to paint the refrigerator: instructions for renewing a fridge. The guide on how to paint a fridge with enamels for household appliances or how to cover the fridge with ad hoc adhesive papers.

The adhesive papers are perfect for those who want to personalize thefridgewhile who simply wantspull it backcan bet on the paint.

How to paint the refrigerator

For paint the fridge we invite you to follow the instructions seen in the guide article dedicated to painting for household appliances:how to paint appliances.In the guide just indicated we have shown you which paints and enamels to use to paint large appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine or oven.

The paint to use: two-component, enamel or spray

Among the paints to use to paint household appliances, in addition to specific enamels, it is possible to use two-component products that guarantee a good hold and shine: they are more cumbersome to use because you have to prepare a mixture by combining the color and the activator but just like the enamels will be able to guarantee a high quality finished result.

Why should you prefer a two-component paint over enamel?
Because on the market the enamels that are found to paint household appliances (fridgeinclusive) are typically white, glossy white, matte white, cream white or ice white. The two-component products, on the other hand, are available in a large number of colors.

There is also a good choice for those who prefer to paint with a spray applicator. For example, theSpray paint for Pinty Plus Tech appliances,it is formulated for little porous and impermeable surfaces such as that of household appliances. With a single bottle it is possible to obtain a yield of 2 m². The spray mentioned is “steel color” rarer to find on the market and suitable for an environment with modern furnishings.

How to paint the refrigerator?
Prepare the base: degrease the appliance as well as possible using, if necessary, a slightly concentrated solution of water and ammonia. If the refrigerator has an embossed branding or handles, line them with adhesive paper tape. If you have decided to spray paint the refrigerator, act in a well-ventilated but not windy open environment: the spray is light and tends to disperse in the environment so take care to cover all the objects surrounding the fridge to be painted.

If you have chosen a two-component or an enamel, the optimal application is with a roller brush. Start from the bottom and dedicate yourself first to the narrowest parts of the fridge (lower drawer, upper raised edge….).

With the sponge roller, perform a first draft from top to bottom (vertically) and then apply a second hand moving from left to right (horizontally). Get a narrower roller to paint the most difficult spots.

At the end of the second pass, continue with the removal of the protective tape: do it while the paint is still fresh so that you can make any adjustments.

How to line the refrigerator

To renew the appearance of thefridgeyou don't necessarily have to resort to paint: a good alternative to enamels are adhesive films! On the market there is a particular adhesive paper created, specifically, for line the fridgefrontally and, for those who want it, also sideways. There are different sizes and standards to suit all refrigerator models currently on the market. The most common measures are:

  • 60 x 170 cm
  • 70 x 170 cm
  • 60 x 180 cm
  • 60 x 150 cm
  • 95 x 180 cm
  • 50 x 175 cm

The only onecontraindicationWhat happens when you buy these decorative adhesive papers is that you must have good patience for the implementation. Good quality adhesive films are very easy to spread but those who are more unsure, may decide to apply them on a hot summer day: the heat facilitates application. Before laying you can decide to soften the adhesive paper by administering heat with a hairdryer. For all the detailed information, please read the guidelike lining a refrigerator.
Where to buy the adhesive papers to cover the fridge? In shops specializing in DIY but taking advantage of online sales you can have a greater choice; try typing the words on Amazon:

  • decorative fridge sticker
  • fridge stickers

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