Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve

Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve

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Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve, an area of ​​sea and beaches, sun and breeze, colors and flavors. I don't know whether to recommend it to those who love nature, or fun, to those who appreciate good food, or the historical and folkloristic Mediterranean traditions. I tell it to everyone convinced that everyone, without reservations, can find in Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve your share of pleasure.

Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve

There Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve is located on the Adriatic coast of upper Salento, a few kilometers from the centers of Carovigno and San Vito dei Normanni and The property is 11 miles from Brindisi. In addition to being natural, it is also state, officially it was established on February 4, 2000 and is managed by a mixed consortium between the municipal administration of Brindisi, that of Carovigno and WWF Italy.

It is a rather young reserve but already known and appreciated, so much so that the Carovigno coasts, the beaches of Torre Guaceto is Punta Penna Grossa have been awarded with the Blue Flag in 2007 and, again, in 2016. To realize how precious it was Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve it was the Marquise Luisa Romanazzi Carducci back in 1970 when, entering the national board of WWF Italy, she had begun to put forward hypotheses and actions to protect this territory of sea and sun.

Torre Guaceto: video

Sea and sun, it tastes like slogans, an excellent slogan, which all of Europe envies us, especially "the Nordics", but which does not convey the idea of ​​what our Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve. Better to see it with our own eyes in a dedicated video.

Torre Guaceto: map

To finish by clarifying the ideas on theTorre Guaceto Natural Reserve a map, then, off we go.

Torre Guaceto: beach

Talk about beaches once you get to Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve it is quite simple, almost trivial. There are many, especially towards Punta Penna Grossa, when the coast becomes low and less rocky. In general, however, along the stretch of coastline that borders the protected marine area, we can find a wide geographical and geological variety: we will not be bored with endless stretches of banal beaches.

For example, just keep to the southern side of the Guaceto Tower to meet a linear coast consisting of a clayey cliff, there is one right next to the Tower delightful small rocky cliff but full of inlets that appear from above like ad hoc embroidery, with jagged and irregular outlines.

Torre Guaceto: lido

To talk about the beach of the Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve, you have to tell who lives and appreciates it, making it unique. The one who builds a nest in the silt of the beach by gathering twigs and pebbles and never casually lays his pair of eggs at each brood is the rare and precious bird called knight of Italy. It is a characteristic volatile for its legs and its long beak and its white livery with black wings, it is protected by international laws and has chosen the Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve to start a family.

In general, it looks for marshy places as it mainly eats the insects that live there, but it is a migrant. After wintering in Africa, it goes to nest north of the Mediterranean and the Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve it is a fundamental stage of his periodic trip.

In fact, it was in this area that he understood that he had found a safe place to reproduce and regain his strength before reaching his ideal physical shape again and returning to flight. The Consortium that manages the Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve as soon as he realized it he set up in 2007 a project dedicated to this honorary citizen of the beach and every year knight of Italy comes to Torre Guaceto to compliment and get back in shape.

Torre Guaceto: sea

There Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve it has its marine part, very important both from a naturalistic and a touristic point of view. It was established in 1991, extends for about 2,200 on the Adriatic coast of the upper Salento, a few kilometers from the centers of Carovigno and San Vito dei Normanni and 27 km from Brindisi.

The coast bathed by the protected sea is about 8 km in correspondence with the stretch between Punta Penna Grossa he rocks of Apani. As often happens, the marine area is divided into three zones, each with a specific degree of protection: there is zone A, of Integral Reserve, B of General Reserve, and C, of ​​Partial Reserve,

Torre Guaceto Resort

Close to Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve and 450 meters from the sea there is this well-served resort, Torre Guaceto Resort (, where you can stay while enjoying all the most authentic and ancient flavors of the regional and national gastronomic tradition.

Over 100 rooms, in Mediterranean style, host anyone who wants to relax, sea and fun, complete with a typical Apulian evening, other themed evenings, entertainment for adults and children and numerous services such as LCD TV, Wi-Fi connection, shuttle to the beach, swimming pool. For a fee, you can also take advantage of bike rental, medical service, excursions and transfers, bazaar, newsagent and tobacconist to better enjoy your holiday in the Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve.

Torre Guaceto: camping

For those who love the camping style more than that of the resort, here is the Camping Village "Welcome To Bahia", south of Ostuni but above all a few kilometers from Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve. You can choose whether to opt for the version Residence is that Camping, both are kissed by the sun but in the shade of maritime pines, oleanders and pittosporums.

A silent and fragrant paradise 650 meters from the beach and from the small rocks of the coast of Pantanagianni. With a shuttle service you can reach the Adriatic coast of North Salento, also around the campsite there are numerous other beaches but if we prefer a bit of adventure and culture, there is no shortage of opportunities to go and discover the villages of the last Murge, of the ancient villages and castles of the area, cathedrals and ancient farms so as not to forget the characteristic Trulli.

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