How to enlarge a window

How to enlarge a window

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How to enlarge a window: any permits, procedures to be followed in the condominium, obligations and technical specifications for the expansion of existing windows.

Yes they can widen the windows of home, or in condominium, without permissions? Are there any obligations or procedures to follow? What to do if you live in the historic center and all the procedures forextension of an existing window.

In a single house there are no constraints forenlarge a windowand the practices to be "disposed of" when present, are simple to follow. A few more problems in the case of single and single-family homes in full Old Town or when the window to be enlarged is in acondominium.

Enlarge window in condominium

In a condominium it is possible to enlarge the window only if, during the condominium assembly, the issue led to a favorable opinion from the other condominiums.

The rules forextension of an existing windowin condominiums are the same that we will see to enlarge windows in single and single-family houses.

Widen a window in the historic center

In case of landscape, historical and architectural constraints we can stumblein a more severe bureaucracy.

In general, this is not possible enlarge the window in a house located in Old Town of the country unless the technical office of the local administration has provided otherwise.

Therefore, in the event of landscape, historical and architectural constraints, it will be necessary to contact the competent protection body and the Technical Office of the Municipality of residence to obtain consent and a prior assessment. For the evaluation, a project drawn up by a qualified technician (surveyor, architect, engineer registered in the professional register ...) must be submitted.

Can the windows of the house be enlarged?

Yes, it is possibleexpand the windows of the housebut only under certain conditions. It is possible to enlarge the home window when:

  • - there are no landscape or architectural constraints (we refer you to the paragraph dedicated to the Historic Center).
  • - The condominium assembly has returned a favorable opinion on the extension (we refer you to the paragraph dedicated to the condominium rules).
  • - The minimum distances from the borders are respected as established by the Civil Code and by regional regulations.
  • - If thewindowto be expanded it overlooks another property, the consent of the neighboring owner will be required.
  • - In case of a public street view, the consent of the Municipality must be obtained.
  • - The extension of the window is possible only if it does not compromise the building structure.
  • - The extension of the window is possible only if the part of the masonry to be demolished does not contain ducts or pipes.
  • - The extension of the window is only possible if the old frame is replaced with a highly energy efficient window.

The regulations on the subject of energy saving require the use of windows of an appropriate Energy Class depending on the climatic zone of residence.

How to enlarge a window, permissions

It is not possibleenlarge a window without permissions. It is always necessary to submit a construction file to the technical office of the municipality of residence.

The document to be presented is theCILAConfirmed communication of commencement of works.

If the intervention ofexpansionit foresees structural modifications that go beyond the classicExtraordinary maintenance, the user must submit to the municipality theSCIACertified Start of Activity Report.

To request thepermissionsit will be necessary for the Municipality to contact a qualified technician for the preparation of the executive project. Generally, at the cost of the project, it is the same technician who takes care of presenting the authorization procedures to the municipality of residence.

Enlarge a window with the renovation bonus

It is possible to take advantage of therenovation bonuswhich goes to repay, in the form offiscal detraction, 50% of the expenditure incurred by the taxpayer for any extraordinary maintenance and renovation.

The expansion of an existing window is part of the interventions that are entitled to access to the bonus. In addition, if you replace the other windows of the building at the same time as the window is enlarged, it will be possible to take advantage of the 65% eco-bonus. With the Ecobonus, however, an APE certificate will be required certifying the energy improvement achieved thanks to the building intervention.

For all information on bonuses to be exploited in the event ofwindow enlargement, we refer you to the page:tax deduction at 50% or 65%.

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