Dutch Shepherd Dog: character and price

Dutch Shepherd Dog: character and price

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Dutch Shepherd Dog, has the homeland in the name and also its category since it belongs to the group of shepherd dogs and cattle dogs. It is not a very widespread breed outside the Netherlands even if in Italy in recent years it is starting to make itself known, especially in the short-haired variety. But say Dutch Shepherd Dog there are three, of varieties, depending on the type of hair.

Other countries that are already in love with this dog as ours will soon be too, are the Nordic ones where we find several breeding farms. Sweden, for example, as well as Denmark and FinlandShort hair is strong here too.

Dutch Shepherd Dog: origins

One of the few certain things about the origins of Dutch Shepherd Dog is that they are ancient, for the rest there are vague and unconfirmed notions, even if quite plausible. And of course there is also its original name: Hollandse Herdershond.

Born in Holland, at a time when this country was very active commercially, with multiple transits of ships from all over, both from Europe and Asia, the race of Dutch Shepherd Dog it is not known whether it is, in fact, European or Asian. A suspicion, that she is native to our continent, arises, noting the numerous similarities with fellow Belgian shepherd dogs, starting with "Picard". However, the Dutch Shepherd Dog has depopulated mainly on farms, very numerous in this land that then as now has excellent performance in the business of sheep breeding.

Dutch Shepherd Dog: photo

One photo or more, well show the appearance of this beautiful dog, of medium size and weight; at the withers a male measures from 57 to 62 cm and the female slightly less, the average weight varies from 25 to 30 kg and does not depend only on the sex of the specimen. The musculature is quite toned and the bones are also good: this applies to all three varieties of Dutch Shepherd Dog, short-haired, long-haired and wire-haired.

Its trunk is solid, the chest deep and wide, the back straight, short and robust. The limbs, whether they are anterior or posterior, are strong, muscular and with solid bone, furthermore with its rounded and short feet, the Dutch Shepherd Dog it immediately takes on its own free, elastic gait that inspires freedom, accompanied by a tail slightly curved at the end and elegantly carried high, never curled.

The head in this breed is usually elongated and the muzzle is also elongated, ending with a not very large black nose. The ears are not large either and when the dog is not at rest, they are erect and a little forward. As for the eyes, are always dark in color and slightly almond-shaped, tending to oblique.

The hair, as we have said, can be short, long or hard and the colors allowed by the standard vary from time to time. The Dutch Shepherd Dog with short hair it can have golden stripes, evident or not, on a brown background. Or even silver, why not, but on a gray background. The important thing is that, if they appear, they are all over the body. The Dutch Shepherd Dog with the short hair copies the colors of the one with the short hair, while the one with the hard hair has its own colors: the blue-gray pepper and salt, with golden or silver stripes, but less visible than other varieties.

Dutch Shepherd Dog: character

The character of the Dutch Shepherd Dog makes him an excellent herds keeper, an excellent animal to be used for civil services and a much appreciated family friend to adopt, even if we have children. Are you curious to know what character it has? Enviable, I would define it, given that it is affectionate, obedient, docile, always alert and always alert, loyal and reliable. Furthermore, as if that were not enough, it is not pretentious, it does not require special care, he is patient and not capricious.

It is an active animal, as well as extremely intelligent, so it is not ideal for lazy owners who would be forced to do a lot of walking on / on a leash. To do from canine collaborator in civil services rescue and as a police dog the Dutch Shepherd Dog it is excellent precisely because it is active and reactive. Seeing its presence in Italy, we are beginning to know and recognize its potential which is already well known in the Netherlands.

Dutch Shepherd Dog: breeding

In Italy we are still at one level, in terms of the number of farms Dutch Shepherd Dog to hear ENCI that on its site reports the name of an Asti company: Des soldats des krist ale, a breeding that in addition to Dutch Shepherd Dog also holds the Belgian one. From 2008 to 2015 we passed, always ENCI data in hand, from almost zero to almost 40 registered specimens, on Italian soil: a good growth.

Dutch Shepherd Dog: price

The price of a copy of Dutch Shepherd Dog it can be around € 600-800 but what is more convenient if you really intend to open the doors of our home to this beautiful dog, is to contact the Asti breeding farm with ENCI certification. A security that no others give to online realities. It is always good to inquire about most common defects of this breed, I will mention some such as the too white hair on the chest or feet, the non-black nose, the hanging or too rounded ears and the curled tail.

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