How to cut glass bottles

How to cut glass bottles

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Have you ever wonderedhow to cut glass bottles? Know that it is not as difficult as many imagine. Cutting a bottle is pretty easy if done with the right tools. There are several ways to cut glass bottles, and on this page we will review a few so you can choose the one that looks best to you.

How to cut glass bottles: instructions and different ways to cut glass bottles without special equipment.

By cutting glass bottles we can give life to different DIY objects: it is possible to make lamps, vases, glasses, chandeliers, candle holders, pen holders and much more.

How to cut glass bottles without a glass cutter

The precision of this technique leaves something to be desired because the linearity of the cut is entrusted to a piece of string and the knot that you will make, however, by performing each step with extreme care, good results can be obtained. What do you need?

  • Acetone
    ethyl alcohol or acetone you use to remove the enamel is also fine.
  • String
    a string with a diameter of a few millimeters will do.
  • Matches
    you can also use a lighter.
  • Container to be filled with frozen water and ice
    the container must be large enough to house the bottle.
  • Bottle
    Any glass bottle to recycle.
  • Sandpaper
    you will need sandpaper of different grit.

The first thing to do is soak the string in acetone and tie it at the exact height where you want to practice theglass cutting. It knots firmly. With a match, light the thread making sure you stay far enough away from the flame. At this stage I advise you to take all safety measures so that this do-it-yourself can be done without risk.

Rotate the bottle so that the flame and heat are distributed evenly on each side. Burn for at least 15 seconds and then quickly dip the bottle into the container with water and ice. Repeat this procedure until the bottle cuts exactly near the string.

With sandpaper, sand along the edges of the bottle until they are smooth and not sharp.

How to cut glass bottles with glass cutter

On the market there are several cutters forcut glass bottles. Thanks to the bottle cutters it is possible to obtain a perfectly smooth and uniform cutting section. The procedure is faster and with the same investment in terms of time, it is possible to obtain several cut bottles. Among the various cutters on the market we point out two.

Glass cutter

This bottle cutter was born asconcepton kickstarter and, following the strong success of the fundraising campaign, it has become such a popular item that it ends up on sale on Amazon!

For cutting glass at homea tool consisting of a base, a glass-cutter tip and joints is enough to anchor the bottles. These tools, generally, have a plastic base but to preserve their use we recommend that you choose them in metal. Among the market proposals we point out, the tool for cutting glass bottles is offered at a price of € 32.99 with free shipping costs.

How to cut glass bottles with Dremel

If you have a multipurpose power tool like theDremelyou can cut glass bottles in a matter of minutes. All the instructions are contained in the guide articleHow to cut glass.

Whatever DIY you choose, be sure to operate in complete safety and remember to pass the abrasive paper over the surface of the cut glass so as to smooth it and make it less sharp.

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