Nettle, properties and recipes

Nettle, properties and recipes

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Nettle, properties and recipes: the uses of nettle in cooking, nutritional and healing properties. A complete overview of nettle, an overly underestimated edible plant.

L'nettleis popular for hisunpleasant reactionwhen it comes into contact with the skin! If you manage to put prejudices aside, you will find that thenettleit is an excellent edible wild plant, tasty and rich in virtues.

L'nettle, botanically known asUrtica dioica, is among the best known spontaneous plants in the world. On this page we will analyze thenutritional properties, medicinal properties and uses in the kitchen suggesting the best recipes.

Nettle, nutritional and medicinal properties

Nettle contains many micronutrients, in particular vitamins A, C and K. Among the mineral salts, the most abundant are iron, calcium, potassium, silicon and magnesium. The protein content is very high, reaching 30% of the dry matter in young leaves. The vegetable proteins of the nettle are easily assimilated by our intestine. The property nutritional products see an abundant presence of water, cellulose and a percentage of fat that amounts to about 4 grams for every 100 grams of product. Thanks topropertynutritional just described, thenettleit is particularly suitable for those suffering from anemia.

Betweenmedicinal propertieswe point out the anti-inflammatory ones that are very useful against allergies. L'nettlewill countpropertyhemostatic (slows down bleeding), hypotensive properties (lowers blood pressure thanks to the high potassium intake), diuretic, purifying and draining properties. L'nettle it is an astringent plant and regulates the intestinal flow: very useful in case of frequent diarrhea.

Nettle for hair care

Nettle has always been used in the beauty sector to give new brightness to the hair: it makes hair shiny and is an excellent remedy in case of dandruff, oily hair and hair loss. Not only grandmother's theories and remedies, the nettle would be able to slow down the production of the hormonedihydrotestosterone, responsible for hair loss and also for benign prostate hyperplasia. After shampooing, you can use the cooking water from the nettle to rinse your hair.

Nettle in the kitchen

It grows spontaneously throughout Italy and if you want to use it in the kitchen you have to harvest it in spring. The spring shoots can be collected and consumed with the whole stem but only if they are no higher than 15 - 20 cm. The smaller the shoots are, the more tender this vegetable will be on the plate.

To take advantage of thenettle in the kitchen, remember to use gloves. If you have collected larger florets, chop them before cooking. The nettle, once cooked, will have completely lost all its irritating power. Dell 'nettle, the edible parts are different but the most tender and tasty are the apical leaves and the upper part of the stem, the so-calledit takes.

Nettle, the recipes

Boiled nettle can be added to the filling of cannelloni and ravioli or, to enrich the dough of gnocchi (in combination with flour and potatoes) or fresh homemade pasta. You can prepare a nettle risotto by following your instructionsrecipefor favorite risotto. Many delicious recipes to prepare withnettlehave been reported in the articleNettle recipes, in particular, on the page, you will find the recipes:

  • Nettle omelette
  • Savory nettle pie
  • Purifying herbal tea based on nettle

Very quick to prepare is therecipeof theSalted crepe with nettle. For 4 people you need the following ingredients:

  • 3 eggs
  • 300 ml of milk
  • 30 grams of melted butter
  • 115 grams of flour
  • a handful of boiled and coarsely chopped nettles
  • 300 grams of cottage cheese
  • salt

The procedure to follow is that of the classicssalty crepes. To cook the salty nettle crepes, use a non-stick pan lightly greased on the bottom.

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