Welsh Springer Spaniel: character and breeding

Welsh Springer Spaniel: character and breeding

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Welsh Springer Spaniel: if you want to meet a reckless athlete, if you are looking for an efficient hunting dog, if you want to adopt a very intelligent four-legged companion this is the breed you are looking for. Perhaps without your knowledge. And of English origin and inserted in the group of retrievers, hunting dogs, water dogs.

Welsh Springer Spaniel: origins

The history of the breed of the Welsh Springer Spaniel it is confused with that of others similar to him, also made in England, because initially all Spaniels were called Cockers. Therefore, reading the story of the English Cocker's past we also discover that of our Springer. An official distinction of the various types took place only in 1900 and finally it was possible to better characterize each breed, giving a name and a standard. And more dignity.
The Welsh Springer Spaniel it has developed above all in Wales, it would seem already from before the fourteenth century, but the first mention of dogs similar to him can be found in the famous book "The Dogs of England ", dating back to 1570 years.

The description is that of a white spaniel with red markings and spots: it coincides! The first Welsh Springer Spaniel it was registered in 1902 and from that point on the breed has become popular all over the world, especially at home.

Welsh Springer Spaniel: character

I talked about a reckless athlete, and not surprisingly: just see a specimen of Welsh Springer Spaniel to agree with me. It is one of the most active and energetic hunting dogs, very robust and rustic but at the same time gentle. Despite being a whirlwind of energy and desire to do, he does not "trample" those around him, neither physically nor morally.

Before choosing a Welsh Springer Spaniel as our house dog, however, it is good to know that this reckless four-legged has a tendency to move away because he wants to explore. Yes, that's right, he is undoubtedly a dog with an original character but in my opinion irresistible in his desire for gentle independence. It doesn't run away forever but stays for a few hours "off site" on an explorer's mission.

To avoid unexpected events, setbacks and worries, I recommend a good trainer who can limit this rebellious streak, at least to avoid bad adventures, especially if we live in a very urbanized area. For the rest the Welsh Springer Spaniel he is suitable for family life, he is never aggressive and he knows how to do it with children, they will love it. Even with adults it is very affectionate and remain faithful. He can be shy at times, with people he doesn't know well, so it is important that from a puppy he gets used to being with humans and possibly with other pets that will live with him.

Welsh Springer Spaniel: puppies

A Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy it is not very small considering that, being of medium size, as an adult it reaches a weight of about 20 kg or a little less, the male at the withers will measure 48 cm and the female 46. The physique of this athlete is very compact and muscular but not so "Annoying": in our eyes it remains the whole is very harmonious.

It is a bit low on the limbs so I certainly can't pass it off Welsh Springer Spaniel like a slender dog but certainly has some extraordinary performance as a hunting dog. Furthermore, being reckless, he is fearless and there is no rain or adverse weather that scares him or makes him sick. At work and even when he plays with children, which is sometimes a great job, he never gets tired and shows his muscle tone and patience.

The puppy of Welsh Springer Spaniel immediately evident a compact and well-proportioned trunk and the typical snout of the Spaniel with the brown truffle at the end. The eyes are hazel or even dark, of medium size, never prominent but I would not even call them sunken. The ears of the specimens of this breed are shaped like "vine leaves", With low hairline, small, hanging and adherent to the cheeks.

All four limbs of the Welsh Springer Spaniel they are straight and robust, not slender but well turned, the tail is well set and low: never higher than the line of the back.

As for the coat, the only colors allowed are bright red and white, strictly, while the hair is straight and flat, with a silky texture. In fact, among the most recurrent defects of this breed there are also the hair that is too long, or in disorder. Not even a popular too shy character.

Welsh Springer Spaniel: kennels

In Italy, only two farms of Welsh Springer Spaniel and both towards the north. One is in Veneto, in the province of Vicenza, it is called “Del re di denari” and it also breeds it Springer Spaniel English and the English Cocker Spaniel, the other is in Emilia Romagna, in the province of Rimini, is called Kukkola and in addition to this breed also breeds Golden Retriever.

Welsh Springer Spaniel: price

The price of a Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy can range from 500 to 800 euros, a lot also depends on the litters available and requests. In Italy this breed it does not seem particularly widespread if you look at the registrations at the ENCI. There was a relative "boom" between 2009 and 2011 with about twenty specimens but today there are 4 or 5. Returning to the price, since there are two farms mentioned and recommended by ENCI, it is best to contact them directly.

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