Rusty bike chain

Rusty bike chain

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Rusty bike chain: techniques for removing rust from the frame, rims and chain of the bike. Step-by-step instructions and useful tips to carry out the correct maintenance of the bicycle.

In the article entitledHow to remove rust from the bikewe have explained in detail what to do in case of a rusty frame and fork; we have given you practical advice to eliminate rust from the bicycle, making clear references also to the chain. In this article we will focus mainly on the chain and rims of the bike, including spokes. After removing the rust from the frame and other components of the bicycle, you may be interested in the painting techniques mentioned in the guide article "how to paint a bike “.

Rusty bike chain

Removing the rust from the bike chain is simple, you can remove the rust even without removing the chain. Just use white oil, also called kerosene.

For the rusty bike chain you will need some white oil, a brush and a wire brush. This procedure can also be performed without the need to disassemble the chain, however, if the chain is very rusty, as an alternative to the brush it will be better to disassemble the chain and immerse it completely in the product.

How to proceed without disassembling the rusty bike chain

Brush the entire chain with white oil and carefully brush along the entire surface of the chain. Repeat this operation at least 4 - 5 times, although usually by the third coat of white oil and iron brush, the rust from the chain has already gone away.

Where to buy and how much does white oil cost?

White petroleum, also known as kerosene, is a colorless liquid with a strong odor. It is widely used both as a solvent and as a fuel: it is a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from the distillation of petroleum fractions. To get an idea, please visit the page dedicated to white oil on Amazon.

If you are on the hunt for natural remedies to get rid of rust from your bike chain, you can use coke. How to do?

Disassemble the bike chain and dip it into a bucket with the coke, leave it on for 5 minutes (or 10 if the chain is very rusty), remove and brush with a semi-stiff bristle brush. After completing the procedure, you will need to lubricate the chain with special lubricating oil for bicycles.

Specific products

On the market there are specific products to eliminate rust from the bike and its components (fork, frame, chain, rims, spokes…). For the chain, most of the industry experts recommend white oil while there are those who recommend gasoline. In any case, on the market it is possible to find spray products formulated to eliminate rust from the aluminum frame, steel, chain, rims and spokes of the bike. If you have topaint the bike, evaluate the need not to eliminate the rust but limit yourself to deactivating it using a special rust converter.

Remove the rust from the rims and spokes of the bike

White petroleum or kerosene can also be useful for cleaning rusty bike rims and spokes; as stated, white petroleum is an excellent solvent but it is very aggressive.

White petroleum is stable and evaporates very slowly, however as a precaution we recommend the use of a mask. We recommend that you do not throw the residual liquid from processing down the tap pipes, white petroleum is highly polluting and must be disposed of correctly.

Sand the rims and spokes of the bike

If the rims and spokes are only a little rusted, you can consider removing the rust the old way: by sanding! Purchase a roll of fine-grit sandpaper (120 grit recommended) and sand until the rusted parts are removed. If you prefer to remove rust chemically and those on your rims are just small rust spots, you can use universal degreasers such aschanteclair.