A thousand alternative uses of petroleum jelly

A thousand alternative uses of petroleum jelly

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Use petroleum jelly: from cosmetic applications in the field of skin care to the simplest and most effective home remedies, here are various uses of petroleum jelly.

Although not characterized by a "green formulation, petroleum jelly is a product that is widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry; it is appreciated for its emollient, soothing, lubricating and protective properties, also in the production of face and lip creams, in the production of hair conditioners.

It is also an inexpensive and highly available product, which can be useful on many occasions. This page will illustrate the different uses of petroleum jelly, from cosmetic applications in the field of skin care to the simplest and most effective home remedies.

Uses of petroleum jelly

Foot softening cream

Against dry and cracked heels, petroleum jelly is very effective; just apply a thin layer of this product before going to sleep and cover your feet with socks. The next day you will already notice softer and more hydrated skin. The constant use of petroleum jelly makes calluses softer and facilitates the elimination of dead cells.

Elbow and knee cream

Since these are areas that are a little more exposed than others, the elbows and knees tend to have drier skin and become darker. To keep them soft and hydrated, just apply a layer of petroleum jelly every day.

Hand cream

With the cold hands tend to crack: Vaseline is an effective anti-cold remedy for the skin. It will be sufficient to apply it on the back of the hands, put on gloves before going to sleep. In the morning you will notice with great pleasure the soft and nourished hands.

To open the enamel caps

If you have difficulty opening the cap of your favorite nail polish, you can use petroleum jelly; all you have to do is use a cotton swab soaked in a drop of petroleum jelly and wipe it on the side of the cap. The petroleum jelly will prevent the nail polish from sealing the bottle making it easier to open for the next manicure.

Vaseline is also indicated for removing tight rings; just grease the surface of the skin just enough to allow the ring to slide off without pain or discomfort.

Lip balm

Thanks to its powerful moisturizing and emollient properties, petroleum jelly is a great lip balm. If we combine it with small amounts of sugar, we can make an exfoliant to revitalize the lips.


Soft and healthy cuticles are crucial to keeping nails strong and flawless. Just apply this product to keep them in perfect condition and free of dead cells.

Against dye stains

How many times have you ever stained your skin when you dyed your hair! To prevent this from happening, rub petroleum jelly into areas exposed to stains.

Against dry toes

Are the tips of your hair dry and starting to break? You can hydrate them using this ingredient. Its active compounds promote the repair of damaged hair giving a totally renewed appearance after a few days.

To polish shoes

To recover the brilliance of leather or lacquered leather shoes, we can apply a layer of Vaseline and rub for a few seconds with a clean cloth.

To extend the duration of the perfume

Those who want to make their perfume more intense and persistent, can apply a little vaseline oil on the wrists and behind the ears, before applying the perfume. The result is guaranteed: the fragrance will be accentuated and its duration will be greatly prolonged.

Against ants

It is known that ants are very attracted to the food bowl of our dear pets. To remedy this, just put a petroleum jelly ring around the bowl.

Door lubricant

If your house door or that of the wardrobe creak, you can fix it with a little Vaseline on the pins; you will notice that the problem will be solved immediately.

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