How to seal windows

How to seal windows

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How to seal windows: instructions for applying the silicone sealant on the perimeter of the glass panes to better insulate a window A simple do-it-yourself intervention that will help you save energy and money.

There are several critical points that generate drafts of air (chimney, electrical sockets, plumbing inputs ...) but the most persistent ones are generated by poor insulation of the fixtures (doors and windows). Windows cause heat losses both from the metal or wooden profile, and from the perimeter of the glass. If the drafts are not coming from the perimeter of the glass plate, you can follow the guideHow to eliminate drafts from doors and windowsto seal the profile of the windows. On this page we will see how to seal windows applying a special silicone sealant. The same guide can be used forseal the shower stalland stop any leaks.

How to seal windows

To perform this repairdo-it-yourselfyou will need onesilicone gun(they break very easily, so buy two or choose a stronger model) and some sealant (acrylic latex, silicone or silicone putty). Forseal the windows, choose a sunny day with temperatures between 7 and 24 ° C so as to apply the sealing material in ideal conditions.

Discard the old sealant

The first thing to do is to remove all the old sealant from the windows. Thoroughly clean the surfaces to make the sealant adhere better. To remove the sealant, use a putty knife and sponge to wipe away the last residue.

Repair the window profile

If the window profile has any irregularities (rust holes in the case of metal frames or rot in the case of wooden frames), repair them. For the repair of wooden frames you can replace entire strips of wooden material (if the damage is extensive) or use putty for the wood if the discontinuity is minimal. The same principle must be applied to metal frames. Large holes caused by rust can becappedwith metal sheets to be adhered with polyurethane putty, while smaller holes and recesses can be filled with metal putty. For other instructions, I refer you to the article on how repair rust holes.

Prepare the silicone gun

Choose carefully the gun for applying the sealant. The cheaper models tend to break easily and require considerable force for application. I advise you to buy at least two if you get the cheap ones so that you don't have to suspend the work in the likely event that it breaks. Alternatively, buy a more robust and resistant model such as the Wolfcraft Silicone Gun shown in the photo below.

This gun can be bought on Amazon for about 14 euros (free shipping) and includes an intelligent fixing system that allows you to reduce the force to allow the homogeneous release of the silicone. Unfortunately, when the sealant is applied, smudges tend to be left behind, these depend a lot on the pressure we exert and on the quality of the gun: I pointed out wolfcraft precisely because it has a "smudge-saving" system that stops the escape of superfluous silicone when you stop to exert pressure. Very useful for sealing windows or the perimeter of the shower box without going out of the edges.

Prepare the tube

Cut the tip of the tube, the cut must be inclined at 45 ° and about 5 mm from the tip of the same tube. Typically, silicone tubes (Saratoga type) have a protective seal, use a nail to pierce it and start applying the material.

Apply the sealant

How to seal a window? Simple, with the tip of the tube, apply the silicone starting from one corner of the window to the other. Apply the silicone following a continuous strip and distributing the material evenly until the empty space is filled.

Remove the excess sealant

Use a wooden stick forsmooth outthe sealant and remove the excess. This step must be done just after application. Curing times vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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