Pellet plant with puffer

Pellet plant with puffer

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Pellet plant with puffer:sizing, prices, opinions and solutions for energy saving. When is the puffer really needed and what to evaluate.

Puffer, what it is and what it is used for

Thepufferis a kind ofstorage containerfor hot water. It is able to provide hot water ready for use to be used both in the heating system and for sanitary use. Aesthetically it looks like a large steel cylinder, it is covered with insulating material and to make the price, in addition to the size, is also the type of material used.

When you decide to associate apufferto your ownpellet thermo stoveit will be necessary to pay attention to thesizing: they exist on the marketpufferfrom 200 to over 2000 liters.

Pellet plant with puffer, advantages and disadvantages

Let's start with the most immediate disadvantages: thepufferit takes up a lot of space so you must have a room available where you can place it. Apufferwith a capacity of 650 liters it measures 173 cm high by 95 cm in diameter, so it will steal space in your garage, basement or boiler room. Another considerable disadvantage is the purchase price.

If the disadvantages of using thepufferthere are only two, the advantages are much more numerous. Let's start by telling you that thepufferit will allow you to reduce the energy invested for the production of hot water. This factor, in apellet plant, translates into the use of less biofuel.

In case of apellet plantwhich specifically provides heating, thepufferstores the hot water produced in excess by thehydro stove(or pellet thermo stove) and releases it in theradiatorswhen needed. In this way, if you have a thermostat or suddenly decide to turn down or turn off the heating, the energy produced by the combustion of the pellets it will not be wasted, plus you will be able to exploit theradiatorseven when the pellet stove is off. For more information, pellet stoves: radiators and hot water.

If thepellet thermo stoveit also works for the production of domestic hot water, thepufferit is most recommended as you will have it availableinstantly, hot water even when the stove is off.

Pellet plant with puffer, when needed

In this paragraph we will tell you when it isreallyuseful onpuffer, that is, when there is a more substantial economic return on the investment made for the purchase of the puffer:when the savings are worth the money!

The purchase of a puffer is recommended when:

  • Solar panels
    if the purchase of the puffer is associated with that of the solar collectors for the production of domestic hot water. In this case, the hot water produced by the panels will still have to be stored somewhere and then used when needed.
  • Thermo stove / underfloor heating system
    If you don't have radiators but radial floor panels, powered by yourspellet hydro stove, the puffer becomes more than recommended. The water produced by the pellet stove reaches 70 - 80 ° C. This temperature is perfect for classic radiators but underfloor heating systems use water at low temperatures (around 30 ° C). Excess energy, without puffer, would be wasted to cool the water. Thanks to the puffer, the high temperature water is simply mixed with cold water before being introduced into the underfloor heating coils.

Pellet plant with puffer, sizing

Thesizingof a puffer is not very simple. Paradoxically, it is easier to calculate the heat requirement of a house (and therefore the power in kW of a stove), rather than the water requirement of a house. Will the puffer water also be used for sanitary purposes or just for heating? What are the habits of the family? If thepellet system with pufferit will only be used for heating, calculate a minimum capacity of 20 liters for each kW of stove power in the case of a pellet stove, the estimated capacity rises to 30 - 35 liters if you use a wood stove.

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