Stinks in the drawers, remedies and advice

Stinks in the drawers, remedies and advice

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It stinks in the drawers, all the remedies to eliminate that stale bad smell from drawers and cabinets. Advice on how to remove the stench from new furniture (the typical bad smell of the wood treatment) and from older furniture that often smells of mold.

Smell of closed in drawers, musty smell in the closet, bad damp smell, stale stench in old furniture ... These are the classic problems that are faced when the house is damp and there is no adequate ventilation. Humidity triggers a large number of problems, bad smell and mold are just the tip of the iceberg. Before going into the remedies forbad smells in the drawerswe advise you to buy a dehumidifier and identify the source of humidity in the house (infiltrations, rising damp, bad insulation, thermal bridges ...).

Damp smell in the drawers

When the it stinks in the drawersis dictated by humidity, a small do-it-yourself dehumidifier may be the right solution. By following the instructions indicated in the articleDIY dehumidifier,you can create a small device that passively captures the humidity of your cabinets and drawers.

To eliminate the humidity from the drawers that causes the bad smell, you can use substances such as silica gel or particular salts such as calcium chloride that capture the water molecules (humidity) concentrated in the drawer. These materials are very cheap, so they do not require a large financial commitment on your part. For example, 100 sachets of 1 gram of silica gel are bought on Amazon at a price of about 12 euros, you can add 3 - 4 sachets to each drawer. The sachets are reusable as explained in the article dedicated to the do-it-yourself dehumidifier.

Stinks in drawers: mold and stench of being closed

Lemon juice

If the bad smell is light, you can use lemon juice: the citric acid contained in the lemon is excellent for eliminating bad odors. Take a spray bottle and fill it with lemon juice. Sprinkle the lemon juice into the drawers to be treated and let them dry in the open air, in a well-ventilated area. If you cannot disassemble the drawers, just keep them open when opening the windows to ensure good air exchange.


If the bad smell is pungent, vinegar is the right solution! You don't have to mix it with water or other liquids. Use undiluted white wine vinegar. Again, you have to transfer the vinegar to a spray bottle to be sprayed ondrawersto be treated and then let the drawers dry in the open air. Are you afraid that the drawer will then smell of vinegar? The smell of vinegar, as opposed to unpleasant musty or closed smells, is easier to dispose of because the vinegar is more volatile. The vinegar will eliminate that stench or the bad smell of mold and within a few hours, with the right ventilation, it will be neutralized. Vinegar is the perfect solution, especially in the case of the smell of mold: vinegar eliminates mold!

It stinks in the drawers, Prevention

Avoid keeping drawers extremely full and above all try to ensure good ventilation for the whole house and the furniture in question. The prevention of bad smells in the drawers and wardrobes of the house is simple: when you perform the classic air exchange in the bedroom in the morning, simultaneously with the opening of the windows and the balcony, keep all the wardrobes and drawers open. The air change is done after dusting the house, so you do not risk that the dust can penetrate into your clothes. You can also do prevention with silica gel sachets to be regenerated in the oven on a regular basis, based on the humidity levels in the house.

Ammonia, bleach, alcohol and other remedies

In some forums and blogs the use of ammonia is recommended. We do not recommend the use of ammonia because if not well dosed it can worsen the problem of bad smellmoreover, if combined with some household cleaning detergents, it risks giving off toxic gases. We do not even recommend the use of bleach, at most if you want to use something strong you can take advantage of alcohol, an excellent disinfectant ... the smell of alcohol is extremely volatile so it will disappear within a few hours.

Bad smell of new furniture

The same tips are valid for neutralizing the bad smell of new furniture, although in this case the best advice is to keep the furniture in the air for at least a week before bringing it home. The same Ikea technicians recommend assembling the furniture at home only after 7 days of exposure in the open air. This precaution is highly recommended especially to limit indoor pollution.

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