Brittle nails, natural remedies

Brittle nails, natural remedies

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Brittle nails, natural remediesand instructions on how to reinforce them. Possible causes and useful tips for healthy and strong nails.

Premise: thebrittle nailscould be thesymptomof a medical situation.

There are many medical conditions that can affect the shape and structure ofnails; brittle nails could be a symptom of a thyroid gland problem (hypothyroidism) or a symptom of a lack of vitamins (especially biotin). On this page we will not analyze thebrittle nailsas the symptom of a physiological dysfunction but we will face the problem for its own sake. For solving problems of naturepathophysiologicalwe advise you to contact your doctor.

Brittle nails

Thenailsthey are composed of laminated layers of oneproteincalled "keratin" (yes yes, the very same that makes up our hair or the hardest part of the heel). Thenailsoriginate from the base of the cuticle. A healthy nail is smooth, consisting of a homogeneous surface, without grooves, is characterized by a uniform color and is free of stains or discolorations.

Striped nails: vertical lines or streaks on the nails

If yoursnailsI'mstriped, there is nothing to worry about. These vertical ridges originate from the cuticle. Vertical crests or nail streaks become more prominent over the years: if at 30 the lines you notice are minimal, between 40 and 50 they will become slightly overlapping if you don't run for cover!

Brittle nails, causes

Therebrittleness of the nailsidentifies withnailsthat break easily, crack, scratch or tend tobrowse / divide.

Therebrittleness of the nails, very often, it is the answer to the prolonged use of nail polish or solvents (household cleaning products). Othercausevery common is linked to exposure to moisture (if you often keep your hands in water, perhaps to wash the dishes or to carry out household chores). Thenails, when repeatedlywet and dry, they becomedry and brittle.

Other cause common lies in the care of the cuticles. Healthy cuticles are synonymous with healthy nails, while if you have a tendency not to cure the cuticles or worse, to "eat the skin" that form at the base and edges of the nails, fragility is the direct consequence.

Brittle nails, natural remedies

First of all, follow all the advice we gave you in the guide articleHow to take care of your nailsand, in addition, you can take advantage of the natural remedies listed below.

Biotin and vitamins
In the introduction we told you about the biotin deficiency. Scientific research suggests that biotin helps strengthen nails and a deficiency could be causeofweak nailsand that break easily. Ask your trusted dermatologist for information: do not underestimate the idea of ​​taking supplements based on biotin, the protein that improves keratin production. These supplements will not only help you strengthen your nails but also improve hair growth, prevent hair loss and improve combability.

Biotin supplements are very popular and also cheap. On Amazon, a product with an excellent quality / price ratio (you can buy it at the promotional price of € 14.99 with free shipping) is the Biotin Incite supplement. The bottle contains 200 capsules where the only ingredient is pure biotin. The capsules are 6 mm large and therefore easy to swallow.

Maintain your nails and cuticles
Not just scissors and files, also use acuticle removerto eliminate dead cuticles that remain at the base and lateral edges of the nails. When cleaning, always wear rubber gloves, preferably lined with cotton. Classic latex gloves tend to expose nails in a humid environment. Avoid using corrosive chemicals both for home hygiene and for the nails themselves (enamels, solvents, primers ...).

Nail hardener
The application of a hardener could help you strengthen your nails. However, avoid applying a layer of nail polish on it!

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