How to renew shutters

How to renew shutters

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How to renew wooden or aluminum shutters: a practical guide to recover old shutters damaged, in wood or aluminum. From the removal of the old paint to the complete restoration.

This is one of those times when thedo-it-yourselfwe save our wallets: if yourswooden or aluminum shuttersthey are old and ruined, fear not! You don't necessarily have to change them ... a do-it-yourself intervention will suffice for an adequate restoration.

How to renew wooden shutters

Thewooden shuttersthey are easy torenew.Just scrape off the old paint and paint with the most suitable products.

If the shuttersin question are a lotruined(they are not only old, but have cracks, holes and marked signs of wear), you should read the guide on restoring the shutters.

Useful link: Restoring wooden shutters

For this DIY intervention you will need:

  • sandpaper or sander
  • white spirit
  • scraper
  • paint
  • spray gun
  • saucepan and colander (you will need them forsiftthe paint before passing it into the spray gun)
  • brush
  • paper or plastic sheet to repair the worktop

Anyone who wants can use the brush but ...
Theshuttersthey are difficult topaintwith the classic brush, for this reason the ideal would be to use a spray gun connected to a compressor, alternatively it is possible to use spray paints for wood. Only the most patient and attentive to detail souls can arm themselves with a small brush with soft bristles to paint the wooden shutters by hand.

Beforescrape off the old paint, wear a mask to protect the airways from dust. A protective mask must also be worn when you are using paints and solvents.

How to proceed

  1. Remove the shutter
    Remove the shutters by lifting them off the hinges. Place them on a horizontal work surface. If the metal parts are easy to remove, take them apart, otherwise cover them with adhesive paper.
  2. Stripping the shutter
    With the scraper, lift the old paint. Wipe the surface with a cloth soaked in white spirit and complete the paint removal job with sandpaper or sander. If you have a hard time stripping the shutter, use our guideHow to remove paint from wood.
  3. Clean the shutter
    When you have obtained a smooth and uniform surface, clean with a dry cloth and eliminate any residual dust. Dust and residues of the old paint will not allow the adhesion of the new paint.
  4. Painting the shutter
    Using a saucepan and colander, pour the paint into the spray gun. Spray the paint over the entire surface of the shutter.
  5. Tweaks
    Check the shutter and, if necessary, make some small touches with the brush. Let the shutter dry and then reassemble it.

How to renew aluminum shutters

Renew aluminum shuttersit is not very difficult, the procedure is similar to what we saw for wood, there is one more step: to remove the paint from the aluminum shutters it will be essential to use a paint remover. On the market there are gel solvents created to eliminate paints from aluminum. Let the paint remover act for the times indicated by the manufacturer and then remove the paint with a metal spatula. You can extend the application times of the paint remover if you do not obtain the desired result with those indicated.

For paint the aluminum shutters, you have two options: choose a specific spray paint for aluminum (although the choice of colors on the market is very limited), or apply a primer that allows the adhesion of the most common paints for metal. The primer for the aluminum will act as a primer and must be applied as a base, its function is to allow the enamel to adhere.

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