Eliminate mold from exterior walls

Eliminate mold from exterior walls

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Eliminate mold from exterior walls: instructions to remove mold from perimeter walls and stone walls outside the house. Molds on walls, on stones from floor joints and various structures.

To solve the mold problem definitively, when it comes to the external environment of the house, checks must often be carried out. Periodically, carry out a reconnaissance by observing the state of health of theexternal wallsof the house, if you intervene at the first signs of humidity and mold, you will avoid the need for more demanding interventions.

If mold has persisted on external walls for a long time, the surface finish of the wall will almost certainly be compromised, so you will have to repaint or even redo the plaster. If you intervene promptly, all you have to do is eliminate the mold without too complex DIY works.

Eliminate mold from exterior walls

To eliminate mold from external walls you can take advantage of a very effective natural ally, the sun. Remove the obstacles that cause shade on your wall, so if there are pots near that wall, move them, in the case of flower beds, perform a careful and drastic pruning job. A wall exposed to the sun will almost certainly never have problems with mold! If the wall faces north or is shaded by obstacles that are impossible to move, follow the instructions below.

What is needed to eliminate mold from external walls

-Moss destroyer
- Pressure washer (optional)
- Hard bristle brush

The moss destroyer is useful for eliminating mold, lichen and moss from both walls and floors. Among the various products on the market, we invite you to choose a biocide for professional use (see useful links) such as the one offered on Amazon at a price of 39.23 euros with free shipping costs. On the label, it is recommended to be used by a sector operator but you do not need to be an expert in destroying moss and waterproofing: wear a protective mask and gloves. The product can be brushed on the surfaces to be treated, added to the tank of a backpack sprayer or spread on the wall with a special spray applicator.

The product in question is effective against themoldon any external surface: succeeds in remove mold from walls in bricks, from the joints of the floors, from the stone walls and even from the wood. It should not be diluted and, while on the one hand it cleans by eliminating the mold already present on the walls, on the other it performs a long-term action by preventing the biological proliferation of any microorganism (mosses, molds, fungi, lichens ...).

There are various biocidal products on the market with the most disparate formulations. Generally, however, the application procedure is the same.

  1. Spray the product on the surface with a pump / backpack sprayer, or brush it with a brush or roller over the entire surface to be treated.
  2. Wait for the waiting times indicated on the label.
  3. Brush to remove the product or use high pressure water with a pressure washer.

If the mold has compromised the appearance of the wall

If you did not intervene promptly and by now the appearance of the wall has been compromised by infiltrations, cracks and mold stains extended over most of the surface, you will have to intervene by removing the old plaster and repainting the external wall.

All the instructions for redoing the wall are available in the guide article How to recover an external wall. In the guide, we mention standard materials that you will have to replace with mold and moisture resistant materials: choose an anti-mold paint and, instead of concrete, to make the plaster, use a type productmapelastic, ultra resistant to any type of infiltration, including rising damp; rising damp is the most common cause ofmold on the exterior walls.

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