Rosemary, diseases and treatments

Rosemary, diseases and treatments

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Rosemary, diseases and treatments: what to do in case of rosemary with yellow leaves or if the buds turn black or with white spots. All the instructions for the correct cultivation of rosemary in pots or in the field.

Therosemaryis an aromatic plant that is easy to grow, even for those who do not have a plot of land: thepotted rosemaryit grows well on the balcony or on the terrace of the house. Although it is an easy plant tocultivate, therosemaryit is certainly not immune to disease. On this page we will see theillnessesmost common ones that attack rosemary grown in pots or in open fields.

Rosemary, diseases and treatments

Therosemary, botanically known asRosmarinum officinalis, is a very robust species that contracts only rarelyillnessesthat require phytosanitary intervention. In general, problems arise more easily in case of cultivation in pots with an excess of irrigation.

To prevent any kind ofdiseaseor help with the regression of symptoms, we invite you to take care of aspects ofcultivation of rosemaryWhich:

  • in case of rosemary cultivation at home, lack of brightness. Make sure the plant gets the right light.
  • In case of cultivation in pots or in open fields, excessive irrigation. Make sure that the soil is dry between one irrigation and the next.
  • Check the soil conditions, avoid water stagnation. If you are growing rosemary in pots, add a drainage layer (5cm of expanded clay) to the bottom of the pot.
  • Fertilize only if necessary (usually in spring), some diseases can occur due to lack or excess of fertilization.
  • In case of open field cultivation or if the pot is placed near the composter, check that there are no harmful nematodes in the soil.

It is not necessary to protect rosemary plants in winter because this very rustic species tolerates temperatures as low as -10 ° C.

Rosemary with yellow leaves or leaves that dry out and fall off prematurely

The yellowed leaves with spots that can be brown in color and dry towards the tips, may be the consequence of inadequate irrigation. Check the drainage of the soil, aerating it with a weeding operation.

If the rosemary is grown in pots, the operation is easier because you will have to limit yourself to making arepottingchanging the soil. When repotting, check the health of the root system (if there are black parts, cut them off! Black roots indicatenecrosis, i.e. dead tissue and root asphyxia). For the new pot, use a specific soil for aromatic plants and place 5 - 6 cm of expanded clay at the bottom of the container.

Fungal diseases of rosemary

When there are critical conditions such as yellowing leaves or black tops, therosemarybecomes more exposed to fungal attacks. Beware of powdery mildew that can cause the plant to die. If you have recently had powdery mildew infestations in your garden, use a copper-based treatment.

Rosemary with white dots on the leaves

It is a fungal disease, powdery mildew also known as white sore. As stated, powdery mildew manages to take root on rosemary when the plant is already fragile. In this case it is possible to follow treatments with anticryptogramic products allowed in organic farming.

The copper sulfur-based fungicide is effective against powdery mildew and other fungal diseases such as alternariasis, anthracnose, diseases that can infest therosemaryin case of deficiencies or inadequate irrigation. We reiterate this concept because, in addition to the use of the fungicide, it will be necessary to control the conditions of the soil as described above.

Rosemary with black leaves that dry

The speech is similar to what was previously explained: the black leaves, first on the tips and then on the entire leaf, are a symptom of excessive irrigation. Also in this case, we proceed with the repotting ofrosemarygrown in container while with the restoration of a good drainage in case of rosemary grown in open field.

Rosemary cutting

From a healthy plant you can provide formultiplication by cuttings. The rosemary cutting is very simple to make and allows you to obtain, in a very short time, several plants ready for vegetation and to be given as gifts. For all information, please refer to the guide dedicated toWater cutting of Rosemary.

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