Galgo español: character and price

Galgo español: character and price

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Galgo español, whimsical name for the spanish greyhound, short-haired dog originally used as a rabbit, fox and hare hunter. As a "classic" greyhound, it is very fast and resistant, it chases its prey for a long time and at a distance. We also find it used for wild boars, but more and more often instead of as hunting dog the Galgo español is intended as herd keeper or for racing in dog tracks. Nothing prevents us from welcoming one into the house and letting him keep us pleasantly company. We will see that there are many specimens of this breed that would need our help.

Galgo español: origins

Let's start from the origins of the name: “Galgo” comes from the Latin “canis gallicus”, dog from Gaul. Despite being classified by the FCI as short-haired greyhound, it also has the hard-haired variety and by investigating its ancestors it turns out to be a close relative of Sloughi he was born in Greyhound dog. In fact they look a little alike.

Like the name, the dog also has ancient origins, it has existed since Roman times and probably in Iberian Peninsula even before. The first nations where it was exported during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. they have been Ireland and Great Britain but it remains particularly known at home.

Galgo español: character

Serious and reserved, the Galgo español he knows how to do his job well, with perseverance and at the same time with a touch of vivacity that, in hunting, is needed, especially when dealing with small animals. Equally if you participate in sports races.

Harmonious in moving, this greyhound is undoubtedly an elegant dog: carrying it around makes a good impression being also docile, obedient, meek but when necessary, even courageous. In general the Galgo español he is not an outgoing type, polite yes, but not particularly sociable with strangers while in the family he is always very affectionate. With children, then, it turns out to be a ideal playmate.

He is not a dog particularly suited to apartment living, his nature remains as a hunter, but then he gets used to it, as long as he is allowed to take numerous outings in the open air in which to let off steam, run and feel free. And also to keep fit. Once settled in the house, the is not at all impetuous Galgo españolindeed, he is quiet and peaceful lazing on the sofa or on the carpet. Surprised?

You don't have to: you're resting in order to then run and play better, to explode in runs, jumps and more. To the gardens, for example: if you bring him you will see, and he will also know how to socialize with other dogs. Also wanting with cats, as long as the cats agree.

Galgo español: I'm waiting

About 63 - 7’0 cm tall at the withers, the Galgo español it is a rather large and slender dog, just like all greyhounds. Almost. The bone structure is generally compact, the head long and narrow, even the tail long and often between the legs, increasingly thin towards the extremity. It weighs about 30 kg, its body maintains its proportions well and the trunk is almost rectangular, robust, with an elevated abdomen and an elongated, straight back.

The limbs, very important for a dog like the Galgo español which runs often and willingly, they are thin, straight but muscular, the legs thin and long. The eyes of the greyhound are very expressive, they show sweetness and a reserved character, they are always dark, small, almond-shaped and slanted. The ears are pink but then fall backwards, triangular.

Galgo español: cloak

The coat of this Spanish Greyhound breed is short, dense and smooth. We see it well distributed over the entire surface of the body but longer on the back of the thighs. As we have already mentioned, there is also the hard-haired variety: in this case it is semi-long and often beards and mustaches appear on the muzzle, eyebrows and tuft on the head.

The admitted colors that we can most frequently observe "on" the Galgo español I am the fawn and bringé (brindle), more or less dark, well pigmented, and black speckled with black, dark and light. There are also burnt brown, cinnamon, yellow, red and white specimens with white markings and patches.

Galgo español: education

Not being a purely apartment dog, the Galgo español he has to get used to home life. He can do it but we must gradually educate him, he will listen to us. The important thing is to never, ever make him feel abandoned: it is dramatic for this breed.

When we take a spanish greyhound It is more than ever mandatory to use the leash and be quite careful: it is not aggressive at all but very reactive and could run after something it sees and that captures its attention, always maximum when not sleeping on the sofa.

Being an almost totally fat-free dog, the Galgo español in winter it is particularly sensitive to the cold, it is better to wear a coat, not necessarily fashionable but that prevents it from catching Christmas colds. Even in summer, the hot and sultry climate can disturb an active dog like this and if he makes an effort in the sun, we make sure to leave fresh water always available.

Galgo español: price

In Italy from the ENCI site there is no breeding of Galgo español, you may find them in farms that deal with multiple breeds or privately. This is why it is difficult to indicate the price. However, we would be an extraordinary case in the country for just walking with a Spanish greyhound on a leash given that if in 2011 there were 8 specimens throughout the peninsula, in 2015, the latest data available, ENCI reports only one.

Galgo español: rescue

In Italy, near Bergamo, theGalgo Project association, a non-profit organization created by some people who met and found themselves sharing their concern for the tragic situation of this race, often and willingly tortured. The goal of this association is to find a home for the various abused specimens, creating a movement in solidarity with all possible means: internet, banquet posters.

The official site is Right here you can read how greyhounds are bred in different areas of Spain by galgueros indiscriminately, they select the fastest specimens after having done a test in the countryside. What happens is that i Galgo Espanol who do not pass "the exam", are condemned, abandoned many kilometers from the place where they were born, and who knows how they end up living. Or survive. Others may have a different end but equally cruel: the site tells of dogs burned alive or thrown into wells.

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