Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Russell Terrier

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Parson Russell Terrier, a full-fledged Terrier, used in fox hunting to flush out the fox when it takes refuge in a den. Tenacious, courageous, lively and workaholic, this dog is enough to approach him on horseback near the burrows and then he goes into action. It is a British dog breed, recognized by the FCI, not suitable for everyone: it may seem like a pet, it has strong hunting dog needs that not everyone can satisfy.

Parson Russell Terrier: origins

We owe to such Reverend Russel the birth of this breed: in England in 1795, in Darthmout (Devon), this shepherd, knight emeritus and great hunter, passionately dedicated himself to the selection of new dog breeds. Terrier, to be precise.

His goal was to get a type of dog that was capable of going underground to flush out foxes or animals that were being hunted from time to time. In addition to ours Parson Russell Terrier, long-legged, from the selections of this passionate English reverend, theJack Russell, not very dissimilar but with short legs, breed recognized only recently. The recognition of the race of the Parson Russell Terrier by the F.C.I. instead it arrived in 2000, in June.

Parson Russell Terrier: appearance

Typically Terrier, the Parson Russell Terrier he has a strong physique and is endowed with good muscles: agile and well proportioned, he seems “designed” to sum up speed and endurance in his aspect. Just see a in action Parson Russell Terrier to understand how it was built to work underground, its front legs are just suitable for digging and it uses them with innate ability to make its way even in the narrowest tunnels.

Its being rustic also translates into a strong resistance to both heat and cold, it also enjoys good health, has no pathologies from which it suffers in particular and one of its strengths, like Terrier, are the jaws. The mandibles of the Parson Russell Terrier, and the powerful teeth, are merciless towards the prey that come under fire.

As a size, it is by no means a huge dog, on the contrary: it measures between 33 and 36 cm at the withers and its weight varies between 5.9 and 7.7 kg. The athletic and powerful physique is accompanied by a dry muzzle, lively look, dark almond shaped eyes, deep set, straight tail. For what concern coat, also rustic, tousled, tight and dense, whether smooth or hard, it is generally white in color. We find it completely white or white with tan, lemon or black spots, very often limited to the head or the root of the tail.

Parson Russell Terrier: character

Made to hunt, tough and serious, the Parson Russell Terrier he kept his primary goal fixed and still today he is a dog suitable above all for work. He shows himself active, rustic, attentive, courageous. Not that he's grumpy, he's a gentle animal but focused on prey.

There are those who identify it as a companion dog, and it can also be, in a certain way, it depends on the family that welcomes it. Do not take a Parson Russell Terrier lightly: for example, he would not tolerate being condemned to a sedentary and inactive life. He has no problems living outdoors, he adapts to life in an apartment, but only if you are willing to take him several times a day to vent his innate energy. Outdoors, in any climate, so that his propensity for work does not hold up counterorders.

Parson Russell Terrier: breeding

In Italy there are 12 farms, of which 3 in Tuscany, 2 in Veneto and 2 in Campania, the rest scattered from North to South. This is what results from the ENCI site, therefore they are Parson Russell Terrier serious and qualified. They will tell you that this dog has been selected for use in fox hunting, so it is primarily an animal skilled in hunting, even badgers and small rodents, if it happens to them.

It is no coincidence that Tuscany has three farms, in this region, in fact, the Parson Russell Terrier it is often used to hunt wild boars, singly or in packs. Another frequent use of this breed, certainly more suitable than that from "family friend”, He is in the stables: there he can hunt mice and keep company with the horses he often and willingly befriends.

Parson Russell Terrier: photo

I'll show you yet another one, the web is full of them, certainly this one race lends itself well to being immortalized in photography.

Parson Russell Terrier: price

A puppy of Parson Russell Terrier in breeding usually costs no less than 600-800 euros, price that can vary from area to area, and with the pedigree of the single specimen.

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