Cookware for induction cooking

Cookware for induction cooking

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Cookware for induction cooking: what they are, how to choose them and how to use them on traditional cookers and induction hobs. From induction pans with non-stick coating to ceramic or classic steel ones.

Unlike a few decades ago, today, when we furnish a kitchen, we have a wide choice in addition to the classic gas cookers with open fire. Thereinduction cookerit is one of the most recent choices. Theinduction hobit is certainly very elegant, has a strong aesthetic impact and is very easy to clean. For all the details on induction hobs, please read the articleInduction cooker, advantages and disadvantages.

The induction cooker offers uniform cooking which is activated by a magnetic base present in the pot. This is why today we will talk aboutpans for induction cooking.

Thanks to the magnetic bottom, the induction hob will heat up only in the areas covered by the pot while the entire remaining surface will remain cold. This factor minimizes the risk of sunburn.

Cookware for induction cooking

In fact, it is not necessary to buyspecific potsfor the induction hob. For the hob to activate, a ferrous material will suffice, so, if you already have it at homestainless steel pots(also enamelled) or cast iron pots, these will "almost certainly" start cooking. We wrote “almost certainly” because the functionality ofpans for induction cookingit also depends on the diameter of the pot itself. To operate at its best, the glass ceramic cover must be at least 2/3 of the heating zone. Another factor that affects that "almost certainly" is the manufacturer: theinduction cookingit's not standard! In many cases, the brands available on the market differ slightly from each other and certainly use different diameters of the stoves intended for cooking.

How to understand if a pan is suitable for induction cooking

Very simple: if the pots is in cast iron or stainless steel, will be able to activate the induction cooking! If you already have pots of this material at home, you do not need to make further purchases as long as the diameter of the bottom of the pot is compatible with the circumferences marked on the hob. Compatible does not mean that it must be identical, the bottom of the pot must offer at least 2/3 coverage of the heating zone.

If you don't want to cook with cast iron or steel pans, you can buy any type of pot as long as the manufacturer has integrated a metal ring on the bottom. By now all the pot manufacturers carry out this trick.

A pan suitable for induction cooking shows a specific symbol on the purchase label or on the packaging. The logo of theinduction cookingis the one shown in our photo above and highlighted in green. In particular, those symbols, from left to right and clockwise, indicate that the pot is suitable for cooking on hobs:

  • Radiant halogen glass ceramic
  • Electric plate
  • Classic gas stove
  • Oven at temperatures below 210 ° C
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cooking on induction hob

Pots for induction cooking, selection criteria

When choosing a pan (whether it is for induction cooking, on a radiant halogen glass ceramic or on a gas stove) it is important to evaluate the material, the coating and the thickness of the bottom. These are the three fundamental evaluations because based on the material and the coating we know what type of cooking we can obtain, moreover it is good to discard any potentially toxic material (such as Teflon). Based on the thickness of the bottom, we can understand how easily the pan can burn our sauces: the thicker the bottom, the more homogeneous the cooking will be! Later it will be possible to evaluate other factors such as lightness, ergonomics and the insulation of handles and lids.

In particular, you can choosepans for induction cookingof different materials:

  • Induction cooker in stainless steel
    The steel induction pans that offer better cooking are those that have a triple layer: two of steel with an aluminum interior. The same ones that we also recommend for cooking on the gas stove.
  • Induction cooker in aluminum
    For all the information on the characteristics offered by this material, we invite you to read: aluminum pots.
  • Induction cookware of cast iron
    Excellent material, among the disadvantages we point out that cast iron pans are very expensive and also unwieldy (they are heavy). All information: cast iron cookware.
  • Non-stick induction cookware
    Given the alleged toxicity of Teflon, it is better to prefer non-stick induction cookware coated with materials such as silverstone, xylan, durit, cortan or greblon.
  • Ceramic induction cooker
    As with the aluminum pots, even the ceramic ones have been readapted with the introduction of a magnetic ring on the bottom to activate the induction hob. For the characteristics of these pots we invite you to read the page: ceramic pots.

Induction cookware, prices

As is clear, the choice available is wide so ipricesthey can vary a lot and not only according to the material but also to the manufacturer. Bialetti, Tognana, Lagostina, Karcher ... the brands are numerous and there are those who charge a lot.

Personal advice: I love cooking and I do it in the healthiest way possible; for this reason I limit the use of fats and oils, especially at high temperatures. Starting from these needs, I chose somepotswith coatinganti-adherentsuitable for all types of cooking systems, including ainductionorhalogen radiant glass ceramic. Personally I use the pots and pans of the Talento Line of Lagostina, among the disadvantages I admit that they are very heavy but return a perfect cooking. The bottom of these pans is 5.5mm thick with an extra-strong titanium base. The pot is made of stainless steel but guarantees perfect non-stick thanks to the multilayer coating.

As stated, the choice is wide, so before purchasing, make all your evaluations.

For a general overview of prices, I refer you to the Amazon page: Induction cookware prices and models

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