Cairn Terrier: appearance, character and price

Cairn Terrier: appearance, character and price

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Cairn Terrier, small, Scottish, ancient, precious. Also for its price, but not only. It is a canine breed recognized by the FCI, it is a terrier in all respects, tremendously lively and joyful, perfect for those who intend the dog not only as a life partner but also as a companion for moments of leisure, an opportunity to smile when you see him running towards us.

Cairn Terrier: origins

It is most likely the oldest of the Scottish terriers, Cairn Terrier, and from him derive the West Highland White Terrier and it Scottish Terrier. He, however, did not leave them much space, he kept his fame steadfast, very proud of his name, inspired by the Celtic term "cairn" which indicated the typical Scottish rocks. And like a rock it has resisted over the centuries, until today.

Already in the eighteenth century this breed was known and very widespread, we read in some documents that in the seventeenth century specimens of Cairn Terrier they were also bred by James VI of Scotland.

In history he has also become famous in his homeland with the name of "Short-haired Skye terrier”But today it is known only by the name of Cairn. Official recognition by the Kennel Club came before the world wars, as early as 1909 and has been attending dog shows for years and years, its debut took place at the Inverness show. Today this breed is widespread in England, but also in Canada and in United States. In Italy, not much yet.

Cairn Terrier: appearance

Well placed but not massive, the Cairn Terrier he is an agile dog, with a deep chest but who moves very smoothly and is known for his energy and stamina. The construction of this Terrier is lean, it has been mainly selected and used for otter hunting. This means that it had to know how to move on rocky ground, with extreme agility: it absolutely cannot be too massive.

Indeed a Cairn Terrier in shape it projects forward with long and efficient strides, has a strong push, is flexible, advances with elasticity and advances with ease and naturalness. Its must be double, the outer one is abundant and hard but not coarse, the undercoat is softer.

The result is a resistant coat in the cold and damp of his land. The colors allowed by the standard for this lively little dog are: red, sand, gray, pepper and salt, or almost black. There may be darker shades to the ears and muzzle, graying in all these colors is also allowed but a Cairn Terrier it does not have to be completely black or white or black and tan.

The height at the withers is about 25-30 cm, for a weight of about 6 kg, it is not really in a very small, bag-sized dog. And then, with the character it has I would say it is impossible. The muzzle has a fox expression, nice and intelligent, with a black nose, quite broad, small, pointed, erect ears and dark hazel eyes, rather deep set, with bristly eyebrows that make him sometimes funny, sometimes serious, too serious.

Cairn Terrier: character

As already mentioned, the character of this dog is cheerful and lively. He is a beautiful character, completely naive: agile, attentive, and hardworking. In addition to joy, another characteristic of Cairn Terrier it is courage. His fearless and cheerful nature is well known to those who know him and who, for better or for worse, has been able to verify what he is determined. Never aggressive though: he has the measure, he knows how to be tenacious and indomitable but naturally.

There are those who say that a Cairn it must always be full of joie de vivre, otherwise it cannot be considered a Cairn “true". I've just met so far Cairn Terrier true, and I must say that they are hilarious, but not very suitable for those who want a quiet apartment dog, who watches over his evening rest.

It adapts very well to any type of place, however: it is not disobedient so it can be with the family and even with children. Indeed, if desired, he can also act as a guard dog. He is very loyal to his boss, he loves to play and be the center of attention. And as for health, the Cairn Terrier appearance is deceiving: it looks like a delicate breed, but it is rather resistant. It will not make you suffer.

Cairn Terrier: price

The average price for a puppy of Cairn Terrier is 1,500 euros. Not cheap, it is a much loved dog in its homeland and has also been successful in the United States and Canada. As you will see in the most documentary video that I propose immediately below, there is a community of fans. Which brings up the fame and the price not a little.

Cairn Terrier: video

Not one but two videos, to tell and see this very distinctive looking Cairn Terrier dog in action. The nice face, the hair to keep well, its always lively and cheerful movement do not make it except on video. The first, in English, tells a bit of the back stage of his life as an admired and exposed dog. Interesting to hear who owns one and how they take care of it.

Here then, after English, only music and images of Cairn Terrier in peaceful and domestic moments.

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Video: Cairn Terriers. Too Cute! (June 2022).


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