DIY earrings

DIY earrings

DIY earrings: instructions for making original earrings suitable for your personality. Here's how to make earrings at home.

The earrings are among the accessories that best lend themselves to do-it-yourself. In this article we will provide you with instructions and ideas to create fantastic DIY earrings. Equip yourself with material and a lot of imagination!

DIY earrings, the indispensable material

We assume that, based on the type of diy earrings you will need several tools / decorations. The important thing is to understand how it works and then give free rein to creativity.

  • Flat nose pliers;
  • Nippers;
  • Fine wire (silver, black or colored, the important thing is that it is nickel-free);
  • Die-cutting pliers (the classic "gun" for making holes in belts);
  • Nails (or small pieces of iron that have a ball at one end), useful for making earrings with beads;
  • Iron rings;
  • Ruler or meter

This is the material "basic" to give life to your DIY earrings, decorations must be added to the equipment just seen.

If you don't know where to start, there are several kits for DIY earrings on the market, even quite complete. The cheapest can be found on Amazon where Ready-to-use kits for DIY earrings data from 1000 pieces (tools + decorations) can be found at prices around 15 - 20 euros.

Decorations to create DIY earrings

The decoration: this is "the ingredient”Which makes the difference. In the next paragraphs we will give you a roundup of brilliant ideas, ideas for doing diy earrings created from "unsuspected" materials.

By choosing to create DIY earrings you will have numerous advantages:

  • You will save money;
  • You will have a sustainable attitude (reducing pollution and giving new life to waste);
  • You will give vent to creativity in a completely sustainable way, thanks to the use of recycled material;
  • You will have unique pieces, each model can be customized according to your tastes, even a simple gift will turn into something unique and original!

Ethnic DIY earrings

Recycle leftovers of semi-rigid fabric or eco-leather

For this tutorial you will need as decorations:

  • shreds of leatherette or "rigid" fabric or any other textile material of the color you prefer (the important thing is that it is rigid but soft enough to be cut with scissors);
  • 2 colored beads.

Instructions for making ethnic style DIY earrings

  • Cut two rhombuses of fabric about 3 cm and use a hole-shooting gun to pierce one corner, use the ruler to be more precise and remember that it must be central but far enough from the end so that it does not tear.
  • In each of the small holes go to insert an iron ring.

In the meantime, take a piece of nickel-free wire and cut it to the length you prefer (about 5 cm, but adjust according to the type of earring you want to make) in which you are going to insert a bead, in one end create a hook with the caliper.

  • Insert the rhombus with its ring into the hook created and use the pliers to "close" the hook so that the decorations do not "escape".
  • Create another small hole in the opposite corner of the rhombus of fabric, insert a hook.
  • Now all you have to do is create a hook at the other end as well, where you will put the hook, once inserted close with the pliers.
  • Your ethnic DIY earrings are ready!

Remember to use the ruler to measure the distances and the length of the DIY earrings otherwise you risk wearing a different earring.

Please note: one of the most complicated parts for making diy earrings is to become familiar with the pliers, to create the famous hooks and go and close them.

How to make DIY earrings: practical demonstration

In the video tutorial that follows you can see closely how to move with the pliers to make the diy earrings.

The earrings proposed in the video are very similar to the ethnic ones that we have suggested; in this way you will have a practical idea of ​​how to make these and other types of DIY jewelry. In this video you will see DIY earrings very similar to the ethnic ones, but made only with beads.

Don't be intimidated by the English language of the tutorial. The images and gestures shown in the DIY earrings video can tell you more than a thousand words.

Illustrated guide
For many ideas, we invite you to browse our photo gallery: DIY earrings, the illustrated guide.

DIY earrings with zipper

Create earrings by recycling a hinge

Did the zip on your old jeans or jacket break? Did you know that you can make some fantastic DIY earrings yourself?

The hinges are like little treasures with which you can make lots of effect objects such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, so don't throw them away!

Recycling hinges to create DIY earrings is perhaps one of the simplest ways and with the most spectacular result (when you tell your friends that they were hinges, no one will believe you!)

To make DIY earrings with a zipper you will need:

  • a zipper of about 20 cm;
  • scissors;
  • lighter;

Without forgetting the basic material:

  • nuns;
  • rings;

This tutorial is inexperienced-proof since the use of the pliers is limited exclusively to the insertion of the rings and earwires.

Procedure for making DIY earrings with a zipper:

  1. First of all you have to eliminate the ends of the zipper, the cursor that is used to pull it and the final hooks to close it, you just need to cut them with scissors;
  2. Remove all the fabric part, use the scissors to make the silver (or why not golden) teeth of the zipper stand out;
  3. Now all you have to do is create a hook directly with the zipper, just create a buttonhole closed with a knot and you're done!
  4. Insert an iron ring in which the nun will go!

DIY earrings: other ideas and ideas

Don't have zippers or shreds of fabric to recycle? Look around you, the world is full of materials that can be reused to create your jewelry.

DIY earrings with coffee pods

If you have a coffee machine with pods (or friends who use one), keep the pods used to make DIY earrings!
Instructions for making DIY earrings with coffee pods

  1. Wash and dry the pods well;
  2. Crush the pods with a meat mallet, or other object capable of exerting pressure, they must flatten;
  3. make a small hole in one end of the disc obtained that you will need to fix the ring and the hook,
  4. You can also create pendants by combining several pods, perhaps of different colors or tone-on-tone (you could also add beads or other decorations obtained for example from bottle caps)
  5. Your DIY earrings are ready, the result will surprise you!

DIY earrings with paper

Do you have an endless pile of newspapers or magazines to throw away? Stop now and create DIY earrings!

DIY paper earrings, how to make them in a few steps

  • Cut into strips 5 cm wide and 20 cm long;
  • Fold the strips on themselves until you get one of 1 cm;
  • Put a thin layer of vinyl glue on the sides of the strips in order to fix everything well;
  • Roll the strips on themselves to create spirals, inside which you can insert a colored bead (to make everything more precious) or an iron bottle cap;
  • Make a small hole on the outside of the spiral into which the iron ring will subsequently go;
  • Brush the paper with a mix of water and glue (1: 1) and let it dry (insert a pin or a toothpick in the hole so that it does not close);
  • Paint in the color you like best and apply a further coat of vinyl glue to create the glossy effect;
  • Remove the pin and fix the ring and then the nun, no one will understand that it was a newspaper!

Why choose DIY earrings?

Often we do not realize the amount of material that we throw in the bin every day that could be used to make DIY earrings and many other accessories or home furnishings.

In the modern world, the value of recycling has finally been rediscovered. Giving new life to objects that you would otherwise have thrown away is an incredible personal satisfaction, plus you will do good for the environment, reducing the amount of garbage and therefore pollution.

In addition to sustainability, creating recycled items such as DIY earrings will save you money and your health will also gain.

Why spend so much money to buy earrings, maybe cute, but made with unknown materials and potentially harmful to health?
In fact, materials such as nickel can cause allergic reactions. Within a few hours, those earrings that seemed so fashionable could in fact inflame the area of ​​the epidermis that came into contact with the material and in the most severe cases the symptoms can also extend to other parts of the body.

What could happen to you using earrings made from toxic materials:
severe itching;

  • Eczema
  • Skin inflammations and abrasions
  • Peeling of the epidermis and blisters
  • Severe itching

In short, not indifferent annoyances that could leave permanent marks if not treated with the help of a professional dermatologist.

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