How to clean the glass

How to clean the glass

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How to clean the glass: instructions for cleaning window panes, oven panes, glasses and mirrors. From products to use to do-it-yourself cleaners.

How long do you take forclean the glasswindows? We mean from the beginning to the end ofcleaningand until you get a plate ofglassclean, free of stains and halos….? I bet you have tried with newspapers, with the classic squeegee and with professional cleaning products without obtaining the desired results.

The biggest problems they meet forclean the oven glassand the sheets of the shower box. Don't worry, in this article we will see what to do to get a clean and streak-free glass, under any circumstances.

Given the complexity of cleaning the oven glass, we refer you to the specific guide:How to clean the oven glass.

How to clean the glass

The reality, you shouldn't employ specific cleaners for theglass, but specific remedies for glass stains!

If you need a degreasing product (or a lemon) for the glass of the oven, for the glass in the bathroom it would be more appropriate to use a liquid descaler (not in paste or powder); if the traces of limestone are not very encrusted, you can use a solution of water and sodium bicarbonate. To clean the glass of glasses, you can use simple vinegar.

What do you need forremove limescale from the glass of the shower cubicle?

  • Empty spray bottle
  • Boiling water
  • Baking soda (or dish soap or ethyl alcohol)
  • Sponge (non-abrasive)
  • Bucket, container
  • Antistatic cloth to dry the glass

For the window panes you can replace the baking soda with simple dish soap.

Here's how to proceed:

  • 1. Dissolve the baking soda (or dish soap) in boiling water and fill the spray bottle.
  • 2. Spray generously the surface of the glass to be cleaned.
  • 3. Remove any stains with the help of a soft sponge.
  • Periodically, squeeze the sponge collecting the liquid in a container. The sponge, still wet, will be used to partially dry the glass.
  • To dry, make sure you use a clean cloth that does not leave streaks or residues.

In fact, the most delicate phase of theglass cleaningis drying. If you let a glass dry naturally, the water will leave halos and limescale residues. For this it is necessary to dry with a special cloth.

Personally, I recommend that you buy a special cloth for glass like theultra glass polish microfiber cloth for glass polishingor similar models. Personally I use two, one for cleaning the window panes and one to always keep in the bathroom: to always have the sheets of the shower and sink always clean, after each washing and use of the shower, I am used to drying it first with a squeegee bought for two euros from Ikea and then with the microfiber cloth.

Tools for cleaning windows

There is no shortage of tools for cleaning windows on the market. They are very comfortable, practical to use and relatively accessible. Even if these are cheap products, the purchase is only recommended for those with large windows in the house because, as we saw in the previous paragraph, cleaning the windows is child's play.

Among the products with the best value for money and above all from the best opinions of users who have personally tested it, I point out the Karcher glass cleaner. This device is offered on Amazon at a price of 69.99 euros with free shipping.

It is a rechargeable glass cleaner with a lithium battery, so you won't have the clutter of the wire. It has a 28 cm rod that must be passed on wet glass to give a thorough drying and cleaning. It can be used with the supplied spray detergent but also with the DIY mixtures described in the previous paragraph.

A cheaper alternative (but equally appreciated by the public), is Vileda Windo Matic Clean glass, also in this case the device dries the drops and residues of water, giving clean glass. The price is 39.90 euros, the suction capacity is the same as the previous model but in this case the dimensions of the nozzle change (this is only 17 cm), so it is suitable for those who clean small windows.

Both are useful for drying the shower and both have about 25 minutes of autonomy.

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