Recipes for cooking in the dishwasher

Recipes for cooking in the dishwasher

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Recipes for cooking in the dishwasher: a guide on how to cook in the dishwasher. Food and cooking rules in the dishwasher.

There dishwasherit is much greener than what many imagine. According to a study conducted byUniversity of Bonn,we Italians are among the European peoples who consume more water to wash dishes by hand.

The same study concluded that using the dishwasher you get to consume less water than washing by hand, the only condition: the dishwasher must be used with a full load.

Typically, dishwashers have different washing programs:

  • - ECHO
    It is a rather long wash but at low temperatures. Suitable for lightly soiled dishes.
  • - Automatic
    Standardorautomatic it is used for dirty dishes.
  • - Intensive
    The programintensiveorprogram 1, it is used for very dirty dishes and pots.
  • - Quick
    Marked with the letterR., it is a quick wash that lasts an average of 30 - 45 minutes.
  • - Flushing
    It is used only to rinse dishes, perhaps only dirty with dust or soap.
  • - Crystals
    Make the most of the potential of the rinse aid. It is mainly used for glasses and glass containers.

These same programs used for washing the dishes can be used for thecooking food in the dishwasher, together with the classic washing.

How to cook in the dishwasher

For cook in the dishwasher you have to follow some basic rules to get the maximum benefit without any risk. For the cooking in the dishwasheryou must use appropriate containers. On the market there are ad hoc containers for cooking in the dishwasher, however safe cooking can be carried out using:

  • jars with screw cap
  • jars with lever cap and rubber seal
  • vacuum bags suitable for cooking

Only intact containers can guarantee safe cooking: the food, sealed in this way, does not come into contact with the washing water, so there is no risk of contamination.

Another safety recommendation concerns the hygienic conditions of the dishwasher. This appliance washes your dirty dishes, what kind of maintenance do you dedicate to it? Be sure to keep the dishwasher basket clean by following the instructions in the guidehow to clean the dishwasheris bad smell in the dishwasher.

In the dishwasher you can cook any course: from desserts to appetizers. To follow the variousrecipes, make sure you have enough jars or bags for the vacuum. Vacuum bags can be purchased atAmazonor in appliance stores, the only precaution to follow when buying is to make sure you buy bags suitable for cooking as well as for vacuum storage.

Recipes for cooking in the dishwasher

At the same time as washing in the dishwasher, the steam generated by the hot water can be used to cook some foods. To give a practical example, the egg, with various programs, can be soft-boiled or hard-boiled. In detail:

  • With the intensive washing, program 1, capable of reaching 70 - 75 ° C, it is possible to cook hard-boiled eggs.
  • With the normal wash, program 2, capable of reaching 60 - 65 ° C, it is possible to prepare soft eggs.
  • With the ECO program, at low temperatures (50 - 550 ° C), it is possible to prepare soft-boiled eggs.

Not only recipesbut also a new method of conservation: thecooking in the dishwasherit is also convenient to better manage the food reserves purchased. If, at the supermarket, you find asparagus or shrimp on offer, you can get home and vacuum cook them to keep them longer!

Forrecipesmore advanced that involve cooking meat and fish in the dishwasher or preparing desserts, we recommend purchasing the book "Cooking in the dishwasher. Taste, sustainability and savings with a revolutionary method". This book provides all the information you need to learn how to cook in the dishwasher, the book offers many recipes, divided according to the temperatures developed in the various types of washing.

With the recipes for cooking in the dishwasher in the book you will have enough material to create 15 full menus. The book "Cooking in the dishwasher "you can buy it on Amazon at a price of about 5 euros for the eBook format and about 12 euros for the paper format.

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