70-year-old grandmother cleans 52 beaches in one year

70-year-old grandmother cleans 52 beaches in one year

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This 72-year-old English grandmother set a goal for herself this past New Year: clean up one beach a week. In one year, it has already cleaned all the rubbish from 52 British beaches.

Week after week he fulfilled his task by the clock, ensuring that his country had fifty cleaner beaches.

Pat Smith is an older adult by now, but that hasn't been an obstacle to her spending the entire year on some of the best-known beaches on the British coast.

But he didn't exactly go on vacation. Every beach had lots of garbage bags, rubber gloves and a garbage collector. I walk from end to end of each beach collecting trash wherever I found it. He even spent Christmas Day collecting plastic bottles and fishing gear on the beach in Trevone.

However, not everything is pink in this story. Throughout her clean-up campaign, Pat wrote a digital diary describing the state of the beaches she visited, the trash she collected, and the frustrations she ended up encountering from time to time.

It's so disappointing when I cleaned the same beach last week and found it in a worse shape this week"He wrote during week 11."More people need to get involved in witnessing the damage being done to our Environment, which perhaps results in them being more thoughtful about litter.

I am obligated to try to protect our living planet for my children and grandchildren and will continue to do everything in my power to do so.“.

Pat is also founder of the environmental campaign groupFinal Straw Cornwall. During her year-long cleanup, she says they were often joined by other activists and volunteers who were determined to help her sort out the beach trash, but on some occasions, people would mistake it for community service.

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