Spain: diseases of the circulatory system are the leading cause of death

Spain: diseases of the circulatory system are the leading cause of death

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According to information from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), diseases of the circulatory system are the main cause of death in Spain. The report revealed that in 2018 they caused 120,859 deaths, out of a total of 427,721. The data show a variation of 0.75% compared to the previous year.

Likewise, in 2018, 211,279 women died against 216,442 men. Meanwhile, a total of 15,768 Spaniards died in 2018 from unnatural causes, among which suicide was the most numerous (3,539).

Although circulatory diseases represent 28.3% of the total, there has been a significant reduction compared to the data of the previous year, when 122,466 deaths occurred from this type of disease. However, it continues to be the leading cause of death in women.

Regarding circulatory diseases, ischemic heart diseases (heart attack, angina pectoris, etc.) are the leading cause of deaths, although they registered a slight decrease of 3.6 percent compared to the previous year. In second place are cerebrovascular diseases, which also fell, in this case by 1.9 percent. According to the INE, deaths from myocardial infarction went from 14,956 in 2017 to 14,521 in 2018.

In second position we have deaths from tumors (26.4 percent), which caused 112,714 deaths and constitute the leading cause of death in men. Only in 2017 there were 113,266 deaths from this cause. The third cause of death in Spain was those related to the respiratory system (12.6 percent), which caused 53,687 deaths. The latest INE report revealed that the number of deaths was also reduced to 51,615.

How to prevent circulatory diseases

Healthy eating is the main way of keeping ourselves protected from diseases that affect the circulatory system. Foods rich in omega-3 and other nutrients are important for the body. We must also eliminate certain habits such as the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, foods with excess salt, rich in saturated fat, industrialized, among others.

The incorporation of certain nutritional supplements also contribute to the functioning of our circulatory system. The amino acid L-Arginine favors blood circulation, likewise, vitamin B12 of the methylcobalamin type optimizes the circulatory system. In the same way, vitamin K3 promotes clotting and strengthens the circulatory system. It should be emphasized the importance of previously consulting with the doctor about the addition of any supplement to our diet.

Finally, it is important to add integral foods to our regimen. Consuming water and foods rich in omega-3s such as fish are also good for the heart. Finally, doing 30 minutes of moderate physical activity will also benefit us greatly. The exercise will be helpful in eliminating the stress and anxiety of everyday worries.

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