To gather orange peels, see what for

To gather orange peels, see what for

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We know that it may not be convenient to put citrus peels in the compost bin because it can alter the pH of the compost or attract annoying flies. Many of us use the husks to fight ants in the garden. But did you know this use?

Natural degreaser with citrus peels

The citrus peels that we are consuming, be they lemon, orange or grapefruit, can be placed in a large glass jar or plastic drum until full capacity is reached. Then we fill it with alcohol vinegar, covering the shells well. It is kept in a dark place at least 10 days (there is no maximum time).

The vinegar will take the color of the peels that we have put since it extracts the citric acid. We strain the preparation and store it in another drum or bottles. To use it, we place it in a spray bottle in equal proportions of the macerated vinegar and water. If you are going to clean something with a lot of grease like the oven or the extractor, use it pure.

Together they are excellent degreasers, kill bacteria, remove odors and stains, fight tartar, and more!

It lasts a long time because vinegar is a natural preservative. When they spray it, you smell vinegar for a few seconds, and when the alcohol (from the vinegar) evaporates, the smell of the citrus fruit you have chosen remains.

With this preparation it is also possible to clean the floors, the kitchen and the bathroom completely, glass, mirrors, refrigerator, children's toys because it is not toxic, doors ... whatever they can think of cleaning.

It is natural, therefore biodegradable. In this way we do not use chemicals that pollute the water and the land. It is very cheap and sustainable. And you don't buy a lot of plastic packaging. At least give it a try.



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