The «Green Revolution» 3.0

The «Green Revolution» 3.0

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The failure of the agribusiness technological package that articulates direct sowing of transgenic seeds with massive applications of pesticides is categorical. But instead of recapitulating this model, he flees forward.

In the call"Agriculture 4.0" the developments ofartificial intelligence and the processing of huge amounts of data using techniques ofBig data, are articulated with developmentsbiotech increasingly aggressive and dangerous for ecosystems and life. For example,Genomic Edition through different techniques but above all CRISPR-CAS9, and the so-calledGenetic Drivers that they are capable of altering the laws of inheritance and therefore produce permanent modifications in ecosystems, introducing new species of insects, animals or plants in the unattainable natural complexity; or leading species or populations to extinction. This technology has stunned much of the scientific world as itsdamage capacity, not only in natural and agricultural ecosystems, but also because of its potential use as a weapon of war.

This process coincides with thedizzying concentration of companies and markets, with the determining penetration offinancial capital and its logic of speculation.

In our country, attempts to open the way to these "new technologies" are not new, and in the context of disputes over food sovereignty, it is essential that organizations redouble the pressure toclose the way.

HeETC Group is one of the organizations that analyzed thisset of initiatives and supports his complaint. WithSilvia Ribeiro, its director for Latin America, we talked extensively about all this to produce the audiovisual series"The Green Revolution 3.0",one more tool to give this fight.

- Chapter 1: New Technologies - Genomic Editing and Genetic Drivers

- Chapter 2: The threat to biodiversity and Food Sovereignty

- Chapter 3: What are we ultimately discussing? And what can the peoples do to confront them?

Silvia Ribeiro

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