Home-raised bees. Would you have such a hive?

Home-raised bees. Would you have such a hive?

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A fully functional hive, in which a tube is needed that connects with the outside so that the bees can leave and enter the hive safely.

These urban hives have the main objective of preserving bee populations. Urban honey is not only edible, but of higher quality compared to commercial honey.

It is known that without bees we could not live thanks to the service they provide by pollinating flowers, the basis of our food production. But pollinators face alarming threats in recent years; the chemical compounds of pesticides, fertilizers and other products widely used in this extensive agriculture produce a harmful effect on many of its populations, not counting on the action of man to urbanize fragmenting ecosystems, which hinders and even confines species in territories limited.

In an attempt to sensitize the population, get more people to reconnect with the origin of their food and highlight the critical importance of pollinators for our food system, the project arises Beecosystem.

It's about amodular beehive system that can be installed inside the house.

Would you have one in your house?

It is a modular system of hexagonal hives whose mounting is carried out on the wall, both for interior and exterior of the home, where we can observe the work of the laborioushoney bees (Domestic bees) without worrying about any risk.

It is not an expensive or difficult investment, and it produces several visible benefits from the first weeks: honey, improving the garden, establishing an educational routine for the whole family, establishing a more intimate contact between the individual and the immediate natural environment.

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