"Choyün, shoots from the earth": an animated short about the socio-environmental conflict in Wallmapu

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In southern Chile, in the Araucanía region, amidst mountains and ancient forests threatened by logging, a Mapuche family struggles to preserve their culture and ways of life.

“Choyün, sprouts of the earth” is an animated short set in southern Chile, specifically in the Araucanía Region, amidst mountains and ancient forests threatened by logging, a Mapuche family struggles to preserve their culture and their ways of life. Three generations of indigenous women - grandmother, daughter and granddaughter - will find themselves in a crusade to defend the nature of the extractive industry and the serious socio-environmental crisis they are experiencing.

In conversation with El Desconcierto, Sebastián Pinto (director, producer, art director and animator) and Rosario López (director, producer and screenwriter) comment that one of the inspirations for creating Choyün was the socio-environmental conflict that exists in Chile and the world .

We tend to see this issue in isolation (climate change, on the one hand, conflict with indigenous peoples, deforestation, the water crisis, on the other) and I think they are closely related. we have spent decades with an extractive look at nature, as if it were a place of infinite resources that humans must exploit”.

In this sense, the filmmakers point out that the idea was to create a story that would account for this problem, but focusing it on a Mapuche family, a culture about which we are largely unaware of its depth and spiritual richness.

Along the way, the social outbreak and several very important events arose (Catrillanca case for example) that gave flight and contingency to history. We believe that, among other reasons, the centralism and classism that exists in Chile has historically prevented the Mapuche conflict from being seen as a historical issue and not as occupying the pages of the police chronicle. It is an issue to which the Chilean state has not given the deep importance it deserves”They add.

For the authors, the genre of animation and the short duration of Choyün (6 min) make it a very attractive format to circulate and disseminate. "These contents today seem very relevant to us, it is necessary to educate ourselves on these socio-environmental issues, which will continue with us for a long time”.

Source: The Bewilderment

Video: save the earth - save life - save life -awesome animation (July 2022).


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