Weak knees: causes and what to do

Weak knees: causes and what to do

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Weak knees, sometimes it is said that they make "Giacomo Giacomo", or that they look like jelly. It happens often but, if it is not a temporary situation, it is good to investigate the causes and understand if there are any exercises to improve our physical state.

Weak knees: causes

Weak knees can be one of the many side effects of a much more serious disease, or a "simple" sign of advancing age. There are those who find themselves with weak knees after an injury, or following a knee sprain.

In general if we suffer from arthritis, it is more likely that sooner or later we will encounter this problem, much rarer is the situation where the cause of weakness in these joints is a knee infection or llitobial band syndrome. Another factor that can increase the likelihood of finding yourself with sore and weak knees is obesity.

Weak and sore knees

If we feel them weak, we often also feel them aching, it is as predictable as it is foreseeable that they are really the knees, of all the joints, those most at risk. Since we start walking on our feet, they hold all the weight of the body, when we walk, when we jump, when we pedal and when we play sports like football, basketball, volleyball or athletics. From the age of 50 onwards, the knees are one of the joints more affected by arthrosis and more general pains.

Weak knees: symptoms

The symptoms are quite intuitive, starting from the evident difficulty encountered in performing simple movements. The knees seem stiff to us, they swell, sometimes they even blush or "snap" while we fold them. Most of the time, the symptoms are very mild and get worse over time, it is good from the first signs, provide for suitable exercises and sports.

Weak knees: what to do

If we start a move regularly from before the knees get weak, it is very likely that we will never get to suffer from them, unless we have sudden injuries. If you've always moved, the joint tissues are more elastic and more toned, and also resistant.

All this, with measure and moderation, because also too much movement can "stress" the knees and put them in difficulty. Therefore, sports such as running, football, tennis practiced in an excessive or improper way, without check the condition of the knees and the arthritic process that concerns them.

Weak knees: exercises

There are dozens and dozens of exercises for weak knees, with the respective variants, but before seeing someone it is good to specify that if they are not made regularly and continuously, they have no effect.

For assist in knee mobility and to prevent joint stiffening, you can lie on your back by pulling one knee towards the abdomen, while the head and neck remain on the ground. First the knee is flexed and then extended, repeating this sequence at least ten times.

The well-known also has a similar effect exercise of the "bicycle" in the air, which consists of pedaling lying on your back, on an imaginary bicycle, with your arms at your sides and your palms on the ground.

For strengthen musclesthen, we can sit on a table with our legs dangling and tie a weight band to our ankles and then slowly swing the foot and calf back and forth.

Weak knees: sport

Self football, running and tennis are not recommended, swimming, cycling, hydrobike and water aerobics are considered the best sport for those with weak knees. Swimming strengthens the ligaments and muscles of the joint without the risk of trauma if you avoid the breaststroke style, the bicycle if done on the plain, contributes to the recovery of the full functionality of the knees.

We enter the water again for the hydrobike, a mix of benefits of swimming and cycling while water aerobics it has the advantage of normal gymnastics made with the body weight supported by water.

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