Positive energy for a sustainable future

Positive energy for a sustainable future

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Become a producer of 100% renewable electricity in a shared acquisition to save on bill costs and without installing any type of system in your home. This is the innovative idea proposed by the start-up Positive energy. A young company born in October 2015 with the aim of proposing itself on the market with a highly participatory and democratic service able to support the energy transition of our country and accompany it towards a sustainable future.

Renewable and shared energy today it represents a good investment opportunity both in terms of savings and environmental protection. Invest in Positive energy it means promoting responsible energy consumption, actively participating in macroeconomic changes and thus becoming more aware of the impact we generate on the environment.

This new way of conceiving energy as a common and shared good, made possible by the use of renewable sources and the progress of technological innovation, passes through the energy sharing model also known as Energy Sharing. Thanks to which each person, gathering in cooperatives, can share the ownership and production of renewable energy plants both to obtain an individual benefit and to contribute to the well-being of the community.

How does Positive Energy work?

The cooperative Positive energy purchases various small and medium-sized plants (between 20 and 200 kWp) in Italy (photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric) and makes them available on its IT platform. This allows interested people to become producers of renewable energy by simply creating their own “virtual plant” and subscribing the quotas of the available plants autonomously and freely.

The characteristics of each "virtual plant" chosen are:

Virtual: it is not linked to the physical location of the member.
Multiform: it is made up of portions of plants that use different renewable sources.
Multi-localized: can be located in different geographical areas.
Upgradeable over time: can be increased / reduced according to the needs of the member.

To join the service just follow these simple steps:
1. Choose the dimensions of the systems most in line with your needs.
2. Make the transfer of the chosen amount.
3. Activate delivery with Dolomiti Energia S.p.a (leading 100% renewable producer in Italy) in a few steps thanks to the support of the cooperative.
4. Wait for the bill already paid by Positive energy.

In the "Bill Analysis" section of the website you can also request a free comparison between the costs in the bill and the economic conditions offered exclusively by the partner supplier. Through this service he explains Alberto Gastaldo (President of Positive Energy) "The interested party will be able to understand if, by joining EP, in addition to receiving a" yield "in some way guaranteed in the form of a discount on the bill, he will also enjoy cheaper electricity and / or gas rates than his current ones".

Watch the video spot made by Positive energy

The project expects to achieve two important objectives by 2020:

1. sharing of at least 50 photovoltaic, hydroelectric and wind power plants.
2. adhesion to the project of at least 1,700 families.

Do you want to contribute to the change too?

Visit the site and start producing energy now!

Curated by Christel Schächter

Video: 100% Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development (June 2022).


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