Freckles and freckles: differences

Freckles and freckles: differences

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Freckles and freckles, easy to confuse, difficult to hide. Let's see what characteristics they have, both, why they like them and why they don't like them, and how eventually mask them in a natural way and without the skin being affected.

Freckles and freckles

When we compare freckles freckles, we see that the latter have a lighter color and vary their appearance from season to season. In summer they are more visible, due to the sun acting on the skin, in winter they can almost become invisible, also by applying lightening creams and light peelings, they can improve.

The freckles, unlike the freckles, do not disappear in the winter period, they are permanent, and the seasonal variation is hardly perceptible. The dermatologist can intervene for also eliminate freckles, but with laser or diathermocoagulation.

Freckles and freckles: difference

It comes in both cases of skin spots, at first glance they are similar but take a closer look we can distinguish them.

Ephelids present themselves as small brownish dots, more or less rounded, flat, never in relief. They are formed due to an increase in concentration of melanin due to the fact that the production of pigment becomes uneven with the action of ultraviolet rays present in solar radiation. The ephelids are inherited from their parents, especially if we have fair skin and blond or red hair, and also appear from 2 years onwards in areas exposed to light such as the face, chest and upper limbs, as well as the neck.

Freckles are hyperchromic skin dyschromias, linked to an increase in the number of melanocytes in the basal layers of the epidermis. Melanin, produced in higher quantities, is concentrated in some cells which then form freckles. If the freckles are always flat, the freckles can also be slightly raised, theirs color varies from light brown to dark, the shape is not just round.

The appearance of freckles does not depend on where the sun shines, usually it is sprinkled with these specks everywhere although they are most noticeable on the face and shoulders, upper limbs and back of the hands.

Freckles, freckles, solar lentigos

When we talk about freckles and freckles, it is natural to also talk about solar lentigo. Much less known as a name but no less widespread. It is about spots of irregular shape and variable size, yellow but with shades tending to brown, often located in the areas of skin most exposed to solar radiation. They pop up when exposed to the sun without the adequate protections and it also burns.

Not everyone who does this sees these ticking off solar lentigos, it often happens to those over 50 because they have a slow cell turnover, the only way to limit the appearance of these small spots is to protect yourself from the sun correctly.

Freckles cold freckles

In the cold, so in winter, Freckles and freckles behave differently and if one is a good observer, one can come to distinguish them. In winter, the freckles can even disappear, while the freckles remain as they are.

Freckles freckles in the sun

In the sun the specks seem more evident than ever. Whether they are freckles or freckles, the desire to get rid of them often emerges and you can do it by choosing the way you prefer. For ephelids, we find numerous tips in the article published by us on the subject. We also find online quality products like this "quick and easy”Effective in removing stains from the skin and preventing them from reappearing.

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