Dog growling: causes and what to do

Dog growling: causes and what to do

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A dog that growls is not necessarily aggressive but certainly not harmless either. There are attitudes and clues that can help us understand what reasons he has for doing so, but it's always better to be especially cautious if the snarling dog is not ours. I don't mean at all not to trust dogs, whether they growl or not, but it is important to listen to the signals they give us. And if they growl, something is wrong.

Not just the dog, but all animals, including us, growl. For defense and conservation instinct in the face of potential danger. It is an often automatic, impulsive reaction, in dogs it can serve to ward off any aggressors: showing his teeth, barking and growling, hopefully it will go away.

Dog that always growls

A dog that always growls does not by defensive instinct, because he cannot intend to defend himself 24 hours a day. For example, he may have been the victim of a big trauma as a child, which led him to think that the whole world constitutes a threat, or his aggression is linked to a probable disease such as anger.

When the snarling dog, looks you in the eye and holds its tail between its paws, he is afraid and just wants you to stay away from him but he has no intention of attacking us. Better to go away without turning your back on him so as not to lose control of the situation.

Dog growling at the master

It can happen that our dog growls at us. What happens? What do you have in mind? All questions that arise and that lead us to examine our conscience. It may be that he misinterpreted a gesture of ours, but in general we must remember that, if we have a clear conscience, we manage the dog.

Calmly and cautiously, with gestures studied, we must regain control of the situation and re-establish a relationship of mutual trust. Let's talk to him in a weak voice, calling him by name, let us slowly approach him trying to never give him a way to feel threatened.

Dog growling puppy

Puppies have their own way of growling reactions sometimes exaggerated and which must also be interpreted taking into consideration the fact that young age can lead them to gestures that are exaggerated with respect to the underlying motivations.

A snarling dog, puppy, however, it is potentially dangerous, it often does not get to attack but it is important that you learn to stay in place and feel the authority of the master. This is especially true if there are children in the house but not only.

Dog growling: causes

If a dog that does not know us, it can growl to warn us and to keep us away, why should our dog growl at us? Actually it is not so logical that it does so but the behavior of animals, including us, is not always logical at all.

Usually there are two main reasons which can lead a dog to growl at the owner. Maybe we have an annoying smell, so we better change our clothes to see if it can be better. Another hypothesis is that the growling dog is sick. Then reassure him, let's try to understand if he feels pain or if he has a particular problem, observe it carefully, and let's take him to the vet for a check-up.

Dog growling for play

You don't have to shrug at all if a snarling dog does it for fun. Indeed, it is not good at all and it is important to educate him, even with the help of an expert, so that he understands that he does not growl even as a joke.

Growling dog: what to do

If a dog that growls looks at us with his tail between his legs, he is afraid of us and the chances of him attacking us are very slim. It is different if the snarling dog shows the slanting eyes and the straight tail. In this case he could attack us, better to move away always looking him in the eye and not showing fear. Woe to making sudden movements.

Dog growls at the children

If a stranger's dog he growls at the children, let's go away calmly but decisively and remember that it is not the case to approach this animal "for a caress". If our dog growls at our children, then we need to know if there are any reasons for jealousy, contacting a trainer or veterinarian to find out if there are any daily habits to solve the problem.

Dreaming of a dog that growls - meaning

What does it mean dreaming of a growling dog? Usually, for those who believe that dreams may want to communicate something to us, ferocious dogs appear when you are sunk by a problem and one's instincts are too often held back and removed.

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